Grim Dawn Commando Build 2023

Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game developed and published by Crate Entertainment. The game is created using the Titan Quest Engine. The game is set in a dark fictional world based on the Victorian era. Grim Dawn’s game plot begins in a calm setting where a trans-dimensional war has brought humanity near extinction. This article will talk about the latest Grim Dawn Commando Build for 2023; There are multiple builds available in the game, and by far, the commando build is what you can opt for without hesitation. Commando is a bit rough and physically focused class but benefits greatly from a fire-to-physical conversion.

Commando is your physical damage dealer when you are into a fight. The mastery of the Commando is not limited to melee combat only. You can use the commando for the ranged weapons shot too. The commando has the skill tactics which increase all the damage and the attack speed to all your allies. Here in this article, we are going to give you a complete build guide to the commando build in the Grim Dawn game.

Grim Dawn Commando Build 2023

Grim Dawn Commando Build 2023

Before we go into the complete build guide of the commando class, let’s talk about the damage type in the Grim Dawn game. There is a total of 9 damages in the game, including fire, physical, cold, pierce, lighting, vitality, chaos, acid, and Aether, and additional dot damage in the game that includes, bleeding, burn trauma, etc. Any masteries you will prefer will benefit you. Here is all the commando build in the game that you will find for your use.

Force-Wave Commando

The Force-Wave commando is a soldier and a demolitionist. The Force-Wave commando -is a melee to mid-range build that gives you high survivability and high damage. This build generally relies on its Force-Wave as its attack skill.

Force-Wave Commando Skills

Mastery Bars – 50 Points

Force-Wave – 16 points, Tremor-1, Rending Force – 12, Internal Trauma – 12

Blitz – 1 Point

Field Command – 12 Points

Fighting Spirit – 12 Points

Mehnir’s Will – 16 points

Decorate Soldier – 8 Points

Scars of Battle – 1 point

Oleron’s Rage – 12 points

Skills for the Demolitionist

Flame Touched – 1 Point

Vindictive Flame – 16 points

Blast Shield – 12 Points

Mastery Bar – 32 Points


Lion, Bull, hammer, Anvil, Empty Throne, Lotus, Kraken, Dire bear, Ulzaad, Herald of Korvaak, Autumn Boar, Oleron

Rifle Commando

Rifle Commando is also laced with the Demolitionist. This is the real commando that you need. The commando works like the Hollywood movie. You can use two ranged weapons to kill your enemies at once. Here are all the skills you can find in the Rifle commando.

Rifle Commando Skills

Mastery Bar – 50 Points

Cadence – 16 Points, Fighting Form – 12, Deadly Momentum – 12 Points

Field Command – 12 Points

Oleron’s Rage – 12 Points

Markovian’s Advantage – 12 Points

Decorated Soldier – 8 Points

Zolhan’s technique

Skills of the Demolitionist

Mastery Bar – 40 Points

Flame Touched – 12 Points

Canister Bomb – 12 Points

Temper – 12 Points

Blash Shield – 12 Points

Flash Bang – 2 Points


Order Crossroads, Harpy, Assassin’s Blade, Assassin, Kraken Hydra Bard’s Harp, Chariot of the Dead, Harvestmen Sickle, Azrakaa

Retaliation Warlord Commando

The Retaliation Warlord is the one you need when you have to go in attacking mode.  The Retaliation Warlord will allow you to all the damages from the Retaliation. Here is the skill point of the Retaliation Soldier.

Retaliation Warlord Commando Skill

Mastery Bar – 50 Points

Menhir’s Buwark – 12 Points

Blitz – 1 Point

Counter-Strike – 16 Points

Menhir’s Will – 12 Points

Military Conditioning – 10 Points

Overguard – 12 Points

Field Command – 12 Points

Skills of Demolitionist

Mastery Bar – 50 Points

Mehnir’s Bulwark – 12 Points

Blitz – 1 Point

Counter-Strike – 16 Points

military Conditioning – 10 Points

Overguard – 12 Points

Field Command – 12 Points


Hound, Scarab, Wolverine, Tortoise, Lion, Spider, the messenger of War, Alladrah’s Phoenix, Hyrian

This was all the Commando Build in the Grim Dawn game, and there are more builds in the game that is not whole commando build, but that come under the commando build, like Force Blade Warder, Elemental Tank Battlemage, Cadence Blademaster, etc.


This brings us to the end of this guide for Grim Dawn Commando Build 2023. The commando build is the most versatile build due to the vast amount of damage and the skill set it has. There are multiple builds that come under the commando build, but we have only explained the build that includes the soldier and a Demolitionist. Hoping that this article was helpful.

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