Grim Dawn Leveling Guide 2023

Grim Dawn is a challenging game with an apocalyptic fantasy world that has recently been updated with a new patch. The game requires strategy and careful planning to succeed, and there are a couple of new things to keep in mind when you are creating your build. If you want to level up quickly in the game, it’s a good idea to use our Grim Dawn Leveling Guide 2023.

Published by Crate Entertainment, Grim Dawn was first released in 2016 for Microsoft Windows. The setting of the game is in Cairn, where a trans-dimensional war is taking place. The survivors need to regain their powers to attack their invader enemies, which is the role of the player. For this, you will come across many hostile enemies to defeat as well as loot to collect. In this Grim Dawn Leveling Guide 2023, you can find out how you can level up quickly, with some tips to help you make the most of your gameplay experience.

How to level up quickly – Grim Dawn Leveling Guide 2023

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The first thing to remember if you want to increase quickly in Grim Dawn leveling is that it’s best to concentrate on leveling up a small number of abilities rather than dividing your points across several talents. You may strengthen your character and maximise the impact of your selected talents in this way. Additionally, starting at level 10 is not required when selecting your second class. It could be preferable to hold off on enrolling in your second class until you have reached a higher level. By doing this, you may avoid having a lot of undeveloped talents and instead concentrate on strengthening your character.

It’s a good idea to start equipping all items you anticipate utilising for a few levels, depending on your build, with abilities or traits around level 20–25. This will facilitate your progress through the game and help you be more prepared for subsequent obstacles.

Grim Dawn leveling requires a lot of exploration because several locations have secret mini bosses and rare loot. Just be sure to look closely enough! So, spend the time exploring every nook and corner; you could come across some priceless objects that will offer you a competitive edge.

This game has a tonne of resources for assistance, and many players have created build guides to aid others. You may discover which talents fit your character the best with the aid of a build guide, giving your playtime a solid foundation. So don’t be reluctant to use a construction guide as a starting point for Grim Dawn Leveling. Even while some talents seem powerful, they might not be useful until much later in the game. Here’s a guide to some good builds to help with Grim Dawn leveling.

Tips on leveling up in Grim Dawn

Tips on leveling up in Grim Dawn

If you max out some of your offensive talents too quickly when you first start the game, you can burn up all of your energy. Avoid this by gradually improving your talents in accordance with your energy level. Next, utilise your remaining skill points to increase your mastery bar or modify your skill. Early levels are also important for applying modifiers like Rendering Force and Lethal Assault, which may boost your damage and effectiveness without expending extra energy. You needn’t worry about this as much, though, if you’re an occultist or necromancer. When you have to re-summon your allies, you normally replenish your energy.

While resistances become key for survival in Elite and Ultimate modes, you can still enjoy the game without obsessing over them. Just make sure to keep an eye on them and try to max them out before jumping into those difficulties. Basically, the point of the game is to have fun and not worry too much about min-maxing until your next playthrough.

You should avoid using outdated items and stay competitive for Grim Dawn Leveling. Keeping your items close to your level is important for this step. You should be checking the average item level in the stats page to help you make sure you’re on track. Make sure to use components and augments from faction vendors when they become available. These can make a huge difference in your character’s performance, and give you an edge in battles where every advantage counts.

Grim Dawn Hardcore mode tips

Tips on leveling up in Grim Dawn 2

In Grim Dawn Leveling hardcore mode, most of your points should go into physique, regardless of the build, except for a few into spirit and cunning for the equipment. Keep a few points unassigned, just in case you need to adjust your build on the fly.

By focusing on one primary damage type, you can maximize your character’s effectiveness and take on tougher challenges. So, maintain one primary damage so that you can get resistance reduction for that damage type. Armor, max health, physical resistance, and armor absorption will also increase your survivability.

Almost all main bosses are resistant to CC skills, so don’t use them as your primary skills. They are still effective against mobs, though, so keep them handy for when you need to clear out a group of enemies quickly.

If you’re looking for some of the best skills for leveling, consider Inquisitor’s Rune of Hagarrad. This skill instantly kills bosses and tough enemies, but takes time to activate and only hits enemies in a specific pattern. Inquisitor’s Word of Pain deals damage over time and triggers other skills. It can kill most enemies with one hit at the beginning of the game. Arcanist’s Olexra’s Flash Freeze freezes enemies and deals damage. It’s good for killing groups of enemies, but some are immune to it.

Shaman’s Devouring Swarm deals heavy damage to multiple enemies, lowers their resistance, and heals you. It’s great for survival at the beginning of the game. Lastly, Necromancer’s Raise Skeletons lets the skeletons do the damage for you, allowing you to focus on other things. It deals a lot of damage to enemies and bosses, can be used right away, and can be made more powerful as you level up.

Character specific speed leveling

Here is a guide on how to level up quickly for each class when it comes to Grim Dawn Leveling:


1. Soldier: For fast leveling, use Forcewave transmuted to Tremor (with a two-handed melee weapon equipped). Add Rendering Force, Internal Trauma, Field Command with Squad Tactics, Decorated Soldier, and Fighting Spirit. Put a single point in Blitz.

2. Demolitionist: Use Stun Jacks transmuted to Quick Jacks with Full Spread Modification. Add Vindicative Flame with Ulzuin’s Wrath and Flame Touched with Temper.

3. Occultist: Max out Summon Familiar and Summon Hellhound. Use Bloody Pox with Fevered Rage, Sigil of Consumption, and Solael’s Witchfire with Second Rite.

4. Nightblade: Use Amarasta’s Blade Burst with Lethal Assault modifier, Night’s Chill, and Veil of Shadow. Also use Shadow Strike and Pneumatic Burst.

5. Arcanist: Use Olexra’s Flash Freeze with Absolute Zero and Panetti’s Replicating Missile with Distortion. Use Trozan’s Sky Shard with Frozen Core modifier for boss fights.

6. Shaman: Use Devouring Swarm with Ground Slam modifier and Summon Briarthorn with Mogdrogen’s Pact. Add Wind Devil when necessary.

7. Inquisitor: Use Word of Renewal for support. Use Word of Pain with Word of Agony and Death Sentence modifiers, or Storm Box of Elgoloth with Lightning Tether. Use Rune of Hagarrad with Biting Cold modifier for boss fights. Use Deadly Aim for passive skills.

8. Necromancer: Use Raise Skeletons with Undead Legion and Will of the Crypt modifiers, Summon Blight Fiend with its modifiers, and Ill Omen if necessary.

9. Oathkeeper: Use Aegis of Menhir with Avenging Shield and Reprisal. Learn Judgement and Vire’s Might for mobility.


We hope that this guide helped you learn how to level up quickly in Grim Dawn. While the game may be challenging at times, make sure to keep these tips in mind as you proceed. You may level up more quickly and earn XP in a more efficient way with the help of our Grim Dawn Leveling Guide 2023. For extra assistance with this game, be sure to go over our other Grim Dawn tutorials.

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