Grounded Best Starting Weapon: Rotten Larva Blade

One of the best starting weapons in the game Grounded for beginners, by a popular vote, is the Rotten Larva Blade. The Weapon is a great blend of agility, mobility, and DPS. The player needs to visit the backyard to get the Weapon.

It is present in the southern part of the backyard itself.  Some landmarks near which it can be found are the Fallen Oak Beach and the Mysterious machine. The Weapon, as mentioned above, is most likely to be located south to both the landmarks.

Grounded Best Starting Weapon: Rotten Larva Blade

Best Starting Weapon in Grounded: The Rotten Larva Blade

The Rotten Larva Blade deals a modest amount of damage whilst having a decent attacking speed. This makes up for the average damage dealt per blow. As the players using it are just starting out, they don’t have a high stamina stat.  And the Weapon is very suitable for newbies. The Weapon can be analyzed using the analyzer tool for upgrades and to create several blades of the same type if the current one breaks down.

It is quite highlighted by the objects its sandwiched between, a bright orange leaf to be exact. Now you will most probably roam the area unnoticed. But it has an acute presence of spiders that can pounce on the players wandering the area in search of the Rotten Larve Blade. It is advised that players keep their guard up at all times, one of the salient features of the larva blade is that it doesn’t require a whole lot of stamina on the player.

A Larvae Blade, which is an upgraded version of the Rotten Larva Blade, can be crafted using the 2 larva Spikes, 3 Grub Hides, and Acid gland. Larva Spikes are obtained from Larva. Acid glands can be obtained from Soldier Ants, and Grub hides from the Grub itself. The Larva Blade is a recommended upgrade.

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