Grounded: How to Kill Giant Spiders

Obsidian and Xbox Game Studios’ survival game, Grounded, has attracted over a million players in just two days. In the game, you will encounter a plethora of fearsome and bloodthirsty beasts. One of the fearsome and powerful foes you will encounter in Grounded are Giant Spiders. Keep in mind that all the spiders you will face in the game are extremely dangerous. Given the opportunity, they can lay waste to your entire team within no time.

These terrifying giant spiders possess a massive amount of health, making it extremely hard to bring down one. To add insult to injury, they are blindingly fast as well. As a result, it is almost impossible to escape when you come face to face with a spider. If you are facing difficulty in handling these beasts, do not worry. Here we will show you how to fight and kill giant spiders in Grounded while sustaining an as little injury as possible.

Grounded: How to Kill Giant Spiders

Preparing Yourself to Kill Giant Spiders in Grounded

Before you set out to slay giant spiders in Grounded, it is important to remember that this is not going to be an easy battle. Thus, it is your responsibility to prepare yourself for the encounter properly. Battling a spider at close quarters is, unfortunately, more or less a suicidal move. Thus, it is advisable for you to be equipped with a Sprig Bow and as many arrows as possible. You will be able to craft the Sprig Bow using 2 Woven Fibers, 3 Sprigs, and 4 Gnat Fuzz.

Following that, you need to gather a healthy amount of supplies in order to craft as many arrows as you can. You will require 2 Mite Fuzz and 5 Thistle Needles in order to craft every set of arrows. After that, proceed to make your way towards the Oak Tree in the northern section of the map. Brace yourself, because this area is practically crawling with spiders!


If you find the sight of gargantuan spiders unnerving, you can switch to the game’s arachnophobia mode that the developers have wisely implemented.

How to Take Down Giant Spiders in Grounded

Basically, you can follow two different strategies to go up against giant spiders in Grounded. This depends on whether you are fighting solo or are part of a team.

If you are working alone, you must wisely select the area where you will encounter the spider. Remember always to maintain a safe distance from the creature. It would help if you attracted the beast’s attention and carefully use the surrounding terrain to keep a safe distance between both of you. For example, you can circle around a large tree or rock to prevent the spider from charging at you. Keep shooting at it with your arrows while doing so. Eventually, you will manage to bring it down.

If you are working as a team against the spider, it will be significantly easier for you to distract the creature. One of you should try to attract its attention, and then climb out of reach to a safe spot. As a result, the spider will relentlessly (and unsuccessfully) try to grab that player. Meanwhile, the rest of you can equip your bows and keep firing arrows at the beast. This way, you can maintain a safe distance from the beast and not worry too much about being attacked. Eventually, you will slay the spider.

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