Guide To Fix Mobiistar Power Button Not Working Problem

Now that smartphones are getting more compact and bezel-less, developers are making the most of three actual hardware buttons of which two are dedicated to volume, though they have other basic functions too. But the center of attraction would the power button which is used to turn off the screen, turn it off, switch off the phone or switch it on as well as it helps navigate the user to recovery mode, safe mode, fastboot mode, and other sectors of the phone which might not be possible without pressing the power button.

What will you do if the power button is not working? Now, for starters, you are still unaware whether there is any technical glitch or the button or broken for sure. Refer this blog where I have discussed how to narrow down the culprit responsible for power button not working the problem as well as how to fix it and what are its alternatives.

Guide To Fix Mobiistar Power Button Not Working Problem

How to Fix Mobiistar Power Button Not Working Problem?

There are two possibilities wherein in the first situation, the phone is actually turned on and the screen is lit up or say, it’s awake or locked. Another situation is when the phone is turned off which is dire and difficult to turn on since you are lacking a power button which has broken now. What to do? Both the situations need some prior knowledge before you can execute methods that I have prescribed for either of the situations. I have also discussed the various alternatives available until any permanent resolution isn’t provide to fix power button not working problem.

How to light up the screen without power key?

Usually, you press the power button to light up the screen and enter the password or pattern to unlock the phone. But in this case, the power button is broken and you need to find out a way to wake up the screen if you want to make a call or use the phone for any instance. You can also press the Camera button if you have a dedicated camera button on your phone to light up the screen.

Next procedure is to connect the phone to the charger and that will definitely wake up the screen and you can do whatever you want thereafter. Another way around to wake up the screen if the power key is not working is to connect the phone to a computer that will wake up the screen right away, however, it is not feasible since the phone’s screen usually turns off after some duration and if you stick to this method, you’ll have to connect it to a PC everything you want to wake up the screen and use the phone. You can replace it with a power bank which is handy and easy to carry around and that must solve your broken button problem for a while.

How to keep the screen alive?

Want to keep the screen awake for longer duration? Your Android-enabled Mobiistar has a built-in feature that allows the user to keep the screen alive for a longer duration. Slide into the Settings app on your device and proceed to Display. Here, you must find an option called ‘Sleep’. Set the sleep duration to the maximum which could be around 30 minutes. It means that your phone will not lock itself and turn off the screen at least for 30 minutes of inactivity. The only catch is, you will have to tap on the screen every 30 minutes when not in use to keep it active.

Reboot the device

It’s ironic to know that a ‘broken’ power key can be fixed by rebooting the phone because that will still need you to press the power key to turn off the phone. But there is a strong possibility that there is a technical or software error that’s restricting the power key to perform its function when the user commands it to do. When you reboot a system like your Mobiistar smartphone, it releases all the hoarded resources and closest all the apps and processes. This also fixes temporary glitches such as GPS problem or phone button not working problem, etc.

What are the alternatives to use with the broken power button?

You are using a Mobiistar Android smartphone which gives you an upper hand over other operating systems since the Play Store has millions of apps available at your disposal without any hassle. There are plenty of apps available that can help the user to replace the broken power button temporarily or in some cases, permanently since these are very useful apps. Here are some of the best alternatives to a broken power button that you can use.

  • Gravity Screen

There are a bunch of sensors mounted on your Mobiistar phone and this particular app utilizes gravity sensor or gyroscope that enables it to perform various functions. You can set the degree of inclination or declination so that the screen will turn on if you are holding the phone in a pre-specified orientation. The app detects if the phone is lying face up or if it’s on a tabletop or in pockets and performs the functions as prescribed in its settings.

  • Proximity Actions

You can use Proximity Actions to unlock and lock the screen by placing the phone near you or away from you respectively. Note that this app uses proximity sensor which is the same sensor that detects if the user is holding the phone close to his/her ears when calling someone and it turns off the screen to prevent putting the phone on hold or canceling it while you are still talking.

  • Power button to volume button

The app performs the same function as it suggests in its title. It allows the user to transfer the capability of a broken power button to one of the volume button available. Whenever a user presses the specified volume button, the phone will perform the functions such as screen ON or OFF or turn OFF or ON the phone. It is a basic but powerful app that has these two functions.

  • Shake On/Off

Many smartphones have a double-tap feature that locks it down. But when it comes to Shake On/Off app, it lets the user lock or unlock the phone that is turned ON the screen or turn it OFF with just a shake and that’s it.

What to do if the phone is turned off with a broken power button?

This is a bit tricky as the phone is turned off and now, you can’t use your charger or power bank or USB cable to light up the screen since the phone is already switched off. In such cases, you must check if there is any lint or debris around the power button as it can disrupt the connection between the conductor plate underneath the button and thus, it will restrict the button’s function until the connection is well-established. You can take a sharp object like a needle to scrape off debris or I won’t recommend taking help from professional technicians to fix it.

The best method to get rid of power button not working problem is to get it replaced. Here, you can perform the task of replacing the broken button with a new button if you are aware of how to perform the task or you can seek help from technicians who would replace the button without causing any other damage to the device and this will be a permanent resolution until the one stated above which were temporary.

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