How To Fix Mobiistar Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

No doubt Mobiistar or any other smartphones are delicate and even the slightest quantity of water if gets between its ports or even worse i.e. its PCB, it can damage your phone considerably. In this blog, we are discussing the prospects on what you must do to prevent your phone from becoming a water damaged smartphone as well as what things you must do if in case your phone is wet already. This post intends to spread awareness regarding the do’s and don’ts about Mobiistar water damaged smartphone so stay tuned and check out the blog.

Nowadays, manufacturers are rolling out more and more water-resistant smartphones which belong to mid and high-range price segment. These smartphones can withstand around 30 minutes in water up to the depth of 1 meter which is for accidental situations and not when someone is willing to click a selfie when diving at a depth of 10 meters or so. Since these smartphones are coating with water-resistant coating certified by IP67 or IP68 water resistance subjected to covered ports, these smartphones can withstand accidental water pressure up to 1 meter but not every smartphone has water-resistance.

How To Fix Mobiistar Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

How to fix Mobiistar water damaged smartphone?

What mustn’t you do?

Before we can proceed with the procedure on how to fix a water damaged smartphones, let’s see what you mustn’t do right after your phone is soaking wet.

The first thing you shouldn’t do is to panic, don’t panic because you don’t have much time to get your smartphone out from the water or any liquid as the more the phone stays in the water, the more it becomes prone to damage. Then, you aren’t supposed to press any buttons or tap or dabble on the screen as it might squeeze droplets of water into the PCB or the internal assembly where the water can make the most of damage.

Further, you mustn’t shake or move the phone abruptly or even at all since doing so can push the water into the PCB and it will definitely burn a hole in your pocket if the water hits SoC or other components that are difficult to fix or expensive to repair. Then, don’t plug the phone into the charger because water and electricity aren’t best of buddies and it can cause short circuit too.

What must you do to fix Mobiistar water damaged smartphone?

Follow this simple yet effective guide to fix the water damaged smartphone that you have in your hand right away.

  • Firstly, keep the phone on a dry surface and it must be switched off. In case if the phone didn’t switch off instantly after dipping in the water, turn it off by gently pressing the power button.
  • It’s time to disassemble the various components of the phone i.e. battery (if it’s removable), microSD card, SIM card, etc. You can use a paper towel to wipe off excess water on these components.
  • Now, its time to manage the phone where you can use a paper towel to dab and soak excess water from the interior and exterior of the phone. You can use rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to clean all the components as well as the exterior of the phone and interior phone assuming that it is still screwed up since not everyone can manage to disassemble the phone completely to reveal its circuit.
  • If you can with the help of videos or if you are aware of how to disassemble a smartphone completely and reassemble it, you can unscrew the parts and use rubbing alcohol to wipe off residue, corrosion, and evaporate excess water on the PCB, if any and then, assemble the phone again.

How To Fix Mobiistar Water Damaged Smartphone [Quick Guide]

  • Next step is to keep the phone idle to dry off completely. Take a ziplock bag and put the phone in the bag and fill it up with uncooked rice or silica gel or silica litter where all these substances are good water absorbent and will remove the remaining water and moisture if there’s any.
  • The period as stipulated to keep the phone inside a ziplock bag is between 2 to 3 days depending upon the damage after which, you can take it out and test if its working or not.
    Note that you need to charge the battery first since it must have drained off completely. Once the battery is charged for 10 to 15 minutes, you can attempt to turn on the phone.
  • Now, there are two possibilities that either the phone turns on but you will need to make sure that it’s working properly or another possibility is that it won’t turn on due to severe water damage.

The truth about water damaged smartphones

Although this is an effective technique to revive a water damaged smartphone, it is not always helpful since the severity of water damage can lead to permanent hardware damage. If there’s any hardware damage which is the case if the phone was soaking in water for too long or if it is too delicate to handle any quantity of water, you’ll need to report the issue to a service center from where, you can get it repaired or replaced based on the policy of the phone contract or insurance, if any.

Even if the phone turns on after going through this technique that we have discussed, you need to keep a tap on its performance, screen, and all other aspects to detect if there are any gradual or apparent changes in the working on the phone as it might break down at any time if the damage isn’t fixed in the first place.

Use water-proof cases & port covers to enhance water-resistance

Now, this is a simple trick to make any smartphone water-resistance where you need to cover all the orifices and ports thus not allowing the water droplets to escape in the internal parts of the phone. Now, you can buy port covers that restrict water from entering the ports while the waterproof phone case will prevent water from damaging other parts of the phone such as the screen which is delicate too.

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