How to Fix water damaged Doogee smartphone using this quick guide!

Doogee smartphones are one of the top-selling devices on the market. Its features make it unique from all the Smartphones. They deliver products of multiple budget ranges. So they attract a huge number of users. They make products as budget phones and also premium ones for the market. The features along with the quality make them stand out in the market.

Doogee makes phones with different ranges the water resistance is still absent in it. Just spilling and other minor issues are covered. But if the phone went down under the water and if you allow staying there then the chances are you might not be able to use the phone ever.

Even though high-end Smartphone is equipped with different levels of water protection, not all the phones have these luxury features. Doogee smartphones are one among them. If you are looking for a fix for water damaged Doogee Smartphone then you are at the right place.

How to Fix water damaged Doogee smartphone using this quick guide!

Is water damage going to destroy the phone?

Water damage is always an accident. For high-end Smartphones such as premium models of Sony, Samsung or Oneplus then you really don’t have much to worry about. But if you are using other phones then you should probably act quick. Because water damage can be of serious and can damage the phone within seconds. If you are one among the user who needs fixes for water damaged Doogee smartphone then you should check the below steps quickly and follow them as soon as possible.

What shouldn’t you do when your phone is dropped in water?

Things that shouldn’t do is more important here than you should do for the current topic.

  • You should not switch on the phone.
  • Never connect the phone to charge them until the phone is completely dry.
  • Don’t press any keys. That may send the water further inside to the circuits.
  • Don’t blow the phone. Especially with hair dryers. This is the most common method people do. This is not advised because it can push the water further into the phone.
  • Never apply heat to the phone. Heating doesn’t wipe all the water away and it can damage the phone.

What should you do when your Doogee smartphone is water damaged?

The fixes for water damaged Doogee Smartphones

  • Take out the phone as soon as possible from the water and quickly shut it down. If possible remove the Battery because it is better to lose the data than losing the phone. Then put it on a flat surface with a cloth covering it.
  • Remove the removable parts of the phone. You can remove the back cover, SD card, SIM card etc. And don’t try to unscrew the device, it can affect the device warranty.
  • Instead of the hair dryer, you can try vacuum cleaner. This sucks the moisture out of the phone.
  • Keep silica crystals near the phone. It is efficient in absorbing the moisture content
  • Give time for the phone to completely dry out. It may take 2 to 3 days. Until then don’t turn on or charge the Device.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix water damaged Doogee Smartphones. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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