Troubleshoot – Fix Doogee GPS problems [Solved]

Being somewhere you know nothing about and if you don’t even know the language, it is going to be a horrible experience for you. It is the worst dream of anyone so everyone manages to keep their track while they travel. The handiest and efficient technique is to have a map. By the revolutionizations in the smartphone industry maps are now shrunk inside the smartphone.

Every smartphone comes with many competing features. GPS cannot be considered as an exclusive feature because it is now a basic feature that has to be implemented in a smartphone.

Doogee is smartphone manufacturers who release smartphones with competing devices. With the quality and its features, they are favourite among the users. To ensure the quality the devices are made with excellent testing and certifications.

Troubleshoot - Fix Doogee GPS problems [Solved]

Why do GPS problems arise in Doogee smartphones?

There are multiple reasons for the occurrence of the issues. But mostly it is of bugs or other software issues and very rarely hardware related. The fixes for Doogee GPS problems are discussed in this post.

Fixes for Doogee GPS problems:

  • Toggle GPS. For doing this swipe down the notification bar and click on the GPS icon. This will restart the GPS and resolve the connectivity issues.
  • Toggle aeroplane mode. By doing this the whole network connection gets restarted from the beginning.
  • Detach the phone case. Sometimes smartphone covers are made tough enough to protect the phone. But this toughness can result in mobile signal attenuation. The mobile network signals are radio frequency waves. If it cannot reach the antenna of the phone then the signal processing will be poor or can totally attenuate the remove the cover and check whether the issue is resolved.
  • Exit the power saving mode. The power saving mode in your device is designed to kill the less significant background applications. The device considers the GPS as a less significant application and kills its operations. Therefore exit the power saving mode. To do this go to settings > Battery> turn off power saving mode.
  • Update Google maps. Google maps make use of GPS to show us the exact locations. So update the GPS to fix the bugs and other issues. To do this go to play store and search for Google maps. Then click update.
  • Clear cache. Caches are the data generated by the apps for the daily functions. Sometimes overloading cache can make the app to crash. So go to settings> apps>Google maps> clear cache. After doing this clear the Google maps from the recent apps list restart the Device. Then check whether the issue is resolved.
  • Switch to safe mode. There are third-party apps that use the GPS so maybe they are causing the hold the power button and click and hold the power off option for 5 seconds. On the resulting option click on restart the device in safe mode.
  • Reset the Device. This will delete all the data on the phone so back up the data before resetting. To do this go to settings > backup and reset>factory reset.

If none of the options works for you then take the device to an authorized service center.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix Doogee GPS problems. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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