Doogee Weak Signal And Network Problem And Solutions

Doogee is one of the top-selling smartphones in the market. Doogee is a company that has high anticipation for the current market. Therefore they incorporate multiple features in their products in multiple budget ranges. So that the consumers have the choice to select the products they wish for in the budget they have in mind. It is not only the features that make the phone perfect for the markets. The quality of the products plays a major role in making the product successful in the market.The manufacturers ensure the quality of the product with the high level of testing before it’s release. There are multiple tests done on the device prior to the release. If the consumers find that the quality of the device is compromised then it is quite a deal breaker.

Doogee ensures the quality of the products and is successfully one of the top-selling smartphones. But in some instances, users report the signal loss issue. That includes weak signal and network problems. If you are one among the users who experience weak signal and network issues we got you covered here in this post.

Doogee Weak Signal And Network Problem And Solutions

Is it normal to have signal losses in Doogee Smartphones?

It is normal if you lose the mobile network when you are in an area of high attenuation rates. But if the issue is frequent in your Doogee smartphone then you might have to consider it seriously and try to fix it. Here we discuss the network issues and it’s fixed in Doogee Smartphones.

Fixes for Doogee weak signal and network loss.

  1. First and foremost you have to move to an area where there is less attenuation. Move around until you find the network. Buildings, forest etc attenuate the radio frequency signals that can cause the signal loss.
  2. Remove the phone case or cover if you are using any. The cover is now made tougher because the screen can easily be damaged on accidental drops or fall. Even though that is a positive aspect of the cover, it can block the radio frequency signals. To remove the cover and check whether the issue is resolved.
  3. Check the battery status of the phone. If it is critically low then charge it immediately because the phone is designed to consume very less power, so at the desperate condition that affects the signal reception.
  4. Toggle airplane mode. You can swipe down the notification bar and toggle the airplane mode so that the network connection is restored and refreshed.
  5. Restart the device. This will restart the whole connection process and refresh all other processes associated with the connection. While restarting the phone every connection are established properly. To do this hold the power button and click on restart.
  6. Factory reset the device. Be careful before doing this because this may wipe off all the data. So back up before resetting. To do this go to settings> back up and reset> factory reset.

If your issue is not resolved still you might have to take it to an authorized service center.

Hope you have found the fixes for Doogee Weak Signal And Network issues. For more queries write in the comment section below or contact us directly.


  1. I am using doogee y6 max in Ghana and my phone can not access 3G or 4G on any of the network only edge. I need help .

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