How To Fix Doogee Overheating Problem [Troubleshoot]!

Doogee smartphones perform well in gaining users by its attractive features and the quality of the products they deliver. The Doogee smartphones are made with extreme testing and certifications. This ensures that the trust from its users.

There was a time where we hear news related to the battery explosion issues of famous smartphone manufacturers. This made worldwide fear in users who operate smartphones while realizing the fact that it can potentially blow and can prove fatal. From their own people started opting phones of reputed brands and authorized certifications.

Even though those unfortunate accidents occur rarely with devices of serious technical problems, the heating of Phone can cause fear among the users.

How To Fix Doogee Overheating Problem [Troubleshoot]

Is it normal that the phone gets heated?

It is quite normal for a phone to get heated while operations. It is common that the phone gets heated when it is connected to a charger. And also some phone gets heated when it is connected to data networks. But heat more than a specific range is not normal. Getting hot while the phone is not performing any specific task or simply while usual operations can be considered as not normal. Here we discuss the problems and methods to tackle the issues of the heating problems in Doogee smartphones.

Problems and fixes for Doogee overheating issues:

  • First and foremost is the usage. If you use the phone continuously for more than a couple of hours the phone might get heated. Calling, gaming etc can cause heating. Take a break and use the phone so that it is allowed to get cooled to room temperature.
  • Don’t use the phone while it is getting charged. This is not because of any serious issue but using the phone while charging can generate heat from the phone as well as a battery because the battery is multitasking.
  • Take off the phone cover. Some phone cover doesn’t allow the airflow so that this can increase the heat on the phone. Use only the covers with air flow capabilities else the covers are going to choke your phone.
  • Use the phone in power saving mode. The power saving mode is designed to kill the background applications. This will reduce the pressure on the operation of the device. And in turn, reduce generated heat.
  • Use third-party applications to kill the background apps and cleaning junk files. The junk files and undeleted cache can increase the pressure on the operations of the phone. By doing so the heat generated will be reduced.
  • Turn off WiFi or mobile data when you are not using it. Most of them keep their WiFi connected while the phone is asleep. This can increase the heat. So turn of Internet connection to reduce the heat.
  • If no solution described above works for you then reset the phone as a final option. This can delete the data you have saved. So back up the files before performing the factory reset.

If Still the issue is not resolved then you should send the phone to an authorized service center for diagnosis.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix Doogee overheating problem. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.


  1. My fingerprint get heated and it kills the battery due to that the charging is not good because when it is plug it start heating. I don’t know what to do.

  2. my battery get drain fast d finger prints get hot while charging even though am not using the phone it get hot

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