How to fix Doogee restarting and freezing problem?

Bought a Doogee device and facing restarting and freezing issue? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix the Doogee restarting and freezing problem.

Smartphones are meant to work flawlessly and made for reducing the stress level of our rush lives. No matter how perfect you make something attaining sometimes pure perfection is quite impossible, but still these days the smartphone industry has done a great job in making everything perfect for the devices, especially Doogee. Constant software updates and firmware mostly helps the device to get bug free.

Doogee, which already have a proven track record of making “perfect devices”, even though sometimes it suffers from slight bug issues such as freezing and reboot issues. The reasons behind these issues will be software or rarely hardware. Here are some Fixes for doogee restarting and freezing problems.

How to fix Doogee restarting and freezing problem?

Methods to Fix Doogee Restarting and Freezing Problem

If you are using the Doogee device and experiencing some randomly rebooting issues, then you also may face this freezing and rebooting problem on Doogee smartphone. It can happen anytime, like when you are in between something like playing games or when trying to access certain apps. Or rarely it happens unprovoked times like when you kept the phone idle still it gets turned off. But no need to worry when there is always some potential solutions, to fix this problem by yourself.


The easiest method to fix the freezing issue is turn off the screen by clicking the power switch once the screen gets off and on. Even though this is not a permanent solution, it is a fast recovery option which you can do by yourself.


Switching your phone to Safe Mode is another option. The third-party applications may cause the phone to get a freeze or shut off, so by switching to safe mode, the device restricts the operations of third-party applications. This method also is not a permanent solution to fix the issue, but if you cannot afford to wait for other repairs, this can be considered as a fast fix solution. To perform this you have a tap and hold on the power key and the resulting options, hold power off key for five until you get a pop up “reboot to safe mode” appears.


Installing a heat reducing app, Since this problem may happen because of overheating. If you are the one who use to play games continuously then the device may get overheated sometimes.There many apps in play store which reduce this heating issue.


Update or uninstall outdated apps, this may also cause these issues when some apps are no more compatible with the device system. If you have many apps installed try to update or uninstall it avoid freezing problems.


Check whether the sim works properly or not. Sometimes the technical issues occurred in the sim card can also cause freezing and reboot issue. So either reinsert the sim card or try another sim card of a different network operator.


Factory reset your device considered to be the final option. By doing this, you are wiping off every data that is stored in your device storage and so it is advised to backup all the data before performing this. To do this go to settings then click on backup and reset.

Even after performing all these, if the problem still same, then it is better to get extra hands from a service expert or a certified professional to solve.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix Doogee restarting and freezing problem. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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