How to quickly fix Doogee camera Problems – Troubleshoot

Bought a Doogee device and facing camera issue? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix the Doogee camera problems.

Doogee a is professional android smart mobile phone from Spanish mobile manufacturing entity, popularly known for its robust technical configurations and captivating designs with high-quality cameras.

Facing camera issues?

In this digital world, we can’t imagine a life without using cameras or clicking selfies with our smartphone. Smartphones make great changes to the way we live in many ways. Taking photos anywhere and anytime with a phone camera is one among that. So it troubles us a lot when the camera is not working on our Android phones. Reasons may vary, it could be >>

Camera Shows Black Screen on your Doogee device

The camera displays a black screen When you open the camera app and try to take a photo or video. This has happened to users of most of the mobile phones. the reasons could be a software issue as well as the hardware issue.There is a great chance you can get it fixed by yourself if it is because of a software problem. If it is because of hardware, then the chance is very less without any professional help. Anyway, the following are few methods to fix>>

Method 1.

Power off your phone for 10 seconds. Then reboot it and see if the camera still shows a black screen.

Method 2.

If the battery is removable, open the back cover of the phone and remove the battery and reconnect it. Battery removal is another kind of restart, which also helps to fix software glitches.

Method 3.

If there are no changes after the phone restarts, uninstall third-party apps which may the reason for the phone camera misbehave, or try to uninstall the other apps you have recently installed before the black screen problem comes up. After clearing the apps, restart the phone again.

Method 4.

Go to “Apps” then “All” and find camera then tap “Clear Cache”. The specific methods to clear camera cache may be different on your device.

Method 5.

Factory reset. If the camera problem continues, you need to perform the hard reset, which will factory reset the phone and wipe out all your saved data. so remember to make a backup before performing this function.

If none of the above methods is able to solve your camera problem, then, unfortunately, you can make sure that your phone camera is probably defective. In some cases, the camera is loose and out of place because of being dropped or something. And some users found it helpful to firmly press on camera lens for several times. But be careful not to crush the lens and power off the phone before you do so.

Flash on Camera issues

Camera flash is an unavoidable thing when you click photos in dim light or during night time. But sometimes it won’t work properly and it happens randomly. The flash may stop working because of software issues or hardware damage.Or sometimes because of the low battery also. Since we are not sure about the correct exact reason, try the following methods :

Method 1.

Turn on the flashlight on your device and see if the flashlight works or not. If it is not working then we can understand that the device is experiencing hardware damage after being dropped or smashed.

Method 2.

Make sure that you are using your default camera app and switch off if any filter is on.

Method 3.

Make sure your doogee device has enough battery left then check if you have turned on Low Power Mode on the phone. If yes then turn it off.

Method 4.

Switch-off your phone. If it has got a removable battery then remove the battery, and restart the phone. Make sure if the camera flash goes back to normal after the restart.

Many users find the problem solved by the above methods if note then, unfortunately, it’s a hardware issue.

If Camera is Blurry?

Another problem you may face is front camera gets very blurry. It won’t focus or the device has tried to focus but it doesn’t help. If you are facing this issue then you can get it fixed with the following methods

Method 1.

Try to clean the camera lens, If the lens is oily, dusted or smudged. Clean with a microfiber cloth. clean the rear and front camera lens carefully. Then remove the cover and clean the lens If the back cover of your phone is removable.

Method 2.

Clear Camera cache like above mentioned in black screen method.

 Method 3.

If none of the above works, then back up the phone data and do a factory reset. Hopefully, it will start working properly.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix Doogee camera problem. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.


  1. Hi.

    My Doogee S40 Pro shows my pics upside down and the arrow function to switch back from selfie to back camera setting doesn’t work anymore.

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