Methods to fix Doogee Touchscreen Problem [Solved]

The most used part of Smartphone is non-debatable and it is the screen. For performing any function on the phone you will have to touch the screen at least once while performing the operation. So the manufacturers are aware of the fact that they should ensure the quality of the screen and the touch mechanism since it is used all the time by the users.

Years before it was just buttons that are used to the control the devices. Touch integration in the display was a huge innovation in the technology industry. From there the manufacturers never looked back. All the mainstream manufacturers made their smartphones with the capacitive touch technology. Even now these technology continues its success streak.

Doogee is a smartphone manufacturer with a variety of smartphones with different price ranges. They are competent enough for the current markets. They ensure the quality of the products by multilevel testing for every operation especially the touchscreen. There is dedicated machinery to test the mobile screens. Even though these devices get released after rigorous testing some of the components might malfunction which will result in it the malfunction of the device. One of the main problem reported by the Doogee smartphone users is with the screens.

Here we discuss the fixes for Doogee smartphones touchscreen problems.

Methods to fix Doogee Touchscreen Problem

Methods to fix Doogee Touchscreen Problem

Method 1

Restart the device. You can take out the battery if the screen doesn’t respond. Then switch the phone on again and check whether the issue is resolved.

Method 2

Unplug the charger from the device. Sometimes the problem can be with the charger or earthing issue in the power remove the charger and check the issue.

Method 3

Remove the SD card and SIM card and restart the phone again. This might have fixed the issue. The improper placing of sim cards and SD cards can cause this issue.

Method 4

If the screen is wet or not clean this issue can occur. So clean your hands and the phone with a soft cloth before operating. The capacitive touch screen has issues in malfunctioning in the presence of oil, water or dirt.

Method 5

Test the touch screen with the android diagnostic tool. Click on the dial option and then type *#7353# then you have the option select TSP Dot mode.  This mode shows small dots as you tap the screen with the grids. By this, you can self-diagnose the phone.

Method 6

You should perform this method cautiously. Because for this you will have to take off the parts of the phone. The method is to remove the cover by unscrewing the parts. Then connect the digitizer carefully. Because the loose contact of digitizer can cause the touch screen problem.

Method 7

This Method has to considered last because this will wipe all the data that you have stored on the phone. That is the factory resetting. To do this go to settings> backup and reset> factory reset.

Even after all these options if your phone doesn’t work properly, then give it for repair at an authorized service centre.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix Doogee Touchscreen Problem. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.


  1. Thank you for your information, but still I have some serious concern I cannot remove the batter because the batter is an in built batter and I didn’t have any mechanical experience to do that, who much does it’s cost if I want to purchase it and who will it take to reach me.
    The brand is doogee Y200 please

    1. My x90 does not show anything on the screen only vibrates when switched on and it does have a slight crack on the LCD. I cannot find a shop in middelburg that repairs this cellphone?

  2. My Doogie x90 has a sealed battery. It does not display anything on the screen when put on it viabrates with a dim light on screen only. How do i repair this fault. Remeber, Iit does not display any apps on screen only a dim light.

  3. My phone was in a humid environment.
    Suddenly the screen didn’t respond to touch.
    I tried replacing the screen, but no luck.
    It’s still non responsive with a new lcd.
    It’s shows the background, but don’t react on touch.

    What can I do?

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