How to Fix Doogee Bluetooth Problem? [Quick Troubleshoot]

Bluetooth is not a brand new technology. It’s been around for quite a while. Though it doesn’t seem like it is going to vanish suddenly like other technologies that disappear when new innovations are done in the field. Bluetooth was a groundbreaking innovation which powered a lot of devices to connect each other and exchange data. This was a huge success at implemented in the smartphone industry. So that users can share their data without connecting each other physically. Even now the technology is implemented in smartphones. It isn’t because there are no innovations in this area. It is because the technology has its own key features. Other technologies like wifi are 100 times faster than Bluetooth but still couldn’t wipe out from the smartphones. There are many reasons behind the successful implementation of this technology. Some of them are that it is highly energy efficient, it is less costly to implement, less complexity in operation, very fewer maintenance issues etc.

Doogee is one the top selling smartphone that has exciting features in it. Those features make it competing in the market. As every other phone, this also has Bluetooth specifications. Some users reported issues with smartphone connectivities. Here we discuss the fixes for Doogee Bluetooth issues that many normally face.

How to Fix Doogee Bluetooth Problem

Fixes for Doogee Bluetooth problem:

  • Restart the Bluetooth. Swipe down the notification bar and click on Bluetooth icon and toggle the Bluetooth connection so that it gets restarted. Then check whether the issue is resolved.
  • Toggle airplane mode. This can help restarting all the connections in a smartphone. This should restart the Bluetooth and will probably resolve the issue. If not then follow the following steps.
  • Check the other device you are connecting to. Maybe the issue is with the other phone. Do the above steps with the other phone and check whether the issue is resolved.
  • Restart your phone. Sometimes the issue may be with other Operations that is not related to Bluetooth or connectivity. So restart the phone for refreshing its state.
  • Remove the previously Paired devices. The problem may be that your device has reached the higher limit of saving the number of paired devices. Remove previously Paired devices and then connect the new device.
  • Remove Bluetooth cache and data. The cache is data that are created by the apps for its temporary uses. This might get overloaded and can cause issues while connection. So go to settings> application manager> Bluetooth> clear cache.
  • Update the firmware. The issue may be with the firmware. The recent updates will have the bug fixes so that it might resolve the issue. Go to settings and check for recent updates.
  • Use the phone in safe mode. Some third-party applications can cause issues with wireless operations. So that use the phone in safe mode. To do this click on the power button and hold the power off button to restart the phone in safe mode.
  • Reset the phone. This might delete all the files so back up before resetting. To do this go to settings > backup and reset> factory reset.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix Doogee Bluetooth Problem. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.


  1. Bom dia.
    Tenho um doogee N 50 e quando emparelha com o mãos livres Parrott, fica com o som defeituoso
    quase imperceptível.
    Já fiz várias vezes reposição de fabrica e não resulta.
    Não sei se é defeito do telemóvel ou do aparelho Parrott.
    Se alguém souber como resolver, agradeço.

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