Hades Boons Guide: Best Boons and Gods

In Hades, you will be able to customize Zagreus as per the requirements of every run. This will enable him to participate in battles to progress in the game effectively. You have the option of selecting from six unique weapons, several Keepsakes, and a number of varied Boons from the Gods. This will enable you to get new abilities or boost your stats significantly in the course of that particular run.

When Zagreus goes through the underworld, he will meet a number of Olympian Gods. They want to help him by allowing him to select from three different Boons. These will enhance Zagreus” abilities in various ways. It is crucial for you to choose the Boons, as mentioned above carefully. This because some of these Boons are better suited to your fighting style or experience than others. Here, we will present to you our choices for the best Boons offered by Gods in Hades.

Best Boons offered by Gods in Hades

Hades Boons Guide: Best Boons and Gods

You need to bear certain things in mind regarding the Boons offered by Gods in Hades. Firstly, it is not possible for you to seek out particular Boons or Gods in each run. This is because each run in the game is produced randomly, and thus it is quite possible that you will come across different Gods in every one of them. However, there are some ways of increasing your possibility of meeting a particular God.

If you want the Boons from Zeus, you will have a better chance of finding those Boons by wearing his Keepsake. You can receive an Olympian God’s Keepsake by gifting some Nectar or Ambrosia to them. This will enhance the possibility of you meeting up with that particular God in your subsequent run. You could also consider upgrading this Keepsake to obtain rarer versions of the corresponding Boons.

Apart from this, you can also get Boons of your choice by selectively concentrating on only some Gods during your run. When you get a Boon from God in the beginning stages of a run, you have a better chance of meeting that particular God afterward. Thus, in case you encounter a God you are not enthusiastic about, you should preferably just ignore them.

Hades Boons Guide: Best Boons and Gods

Sometimes, you will also find Charon’s shop within the underworld. You will find him selling various items and upgrades in there. Usually, he will also have a Boon from one of the Gods up for sale. If you have sufficient cash on you, this is a convenient way of getting Boons.

Now, let us now take a look at the Boons that every God will offer you in Hades.

Gods and their Boons in Hades

  • Aphrodite – Her Boons will enable you to produce Charmed or Weak status effects. Weak status effects will decrease the amount of damage that foes can inflict. On the other hand, Charmed status effects will force your opponents to fight you for a short period of time.
  • Ares – Ares” Boons are all exclusively focused on increasing damage significantly, or empowering your attacks with the Doom status effect. This inflicts heavy damage upon foes after a brief delay.
  • Artemis – The Boons she gives you tend to revolve around enhancing the accuracy and strength of critical hits.
  • Athena – Her Boons will boost your damage output. However, many of them will also give you the ability to deflect projectile attacks.
  • Chaos – Boons offered by Chaos are basically double-edged swords. They will give you powerful abilities, but will also produce some sort of negative status effect. Fortunately, these effects last only for a limited amount of time.
  • Demeter – You will not meet Demeter until they get to the surface for the very first time. However, her Boons will give you the ability to produce the Chill status effect on your foes. This will reduce their speed significantly.
  • Dionysus – His Boons will inflict your foes with the Hangover status effect. This will make them suffer damage over time. He also offers Boons that can boost your health.
  • Hermes – Hermes” Boons generally tend to be unique, since they mostly just boost your attack speed and mobility. One of them also gives you the ability to dodge when you are attacked.
  • Poseidon – The majority of the Boons you get from Poseidon powerfully knock foes away from you, apart from inflicting damage. Some of them will boost your chances of receiving better rewards as well.
  • Zeus – The Boons you get from Zeus are attacks involving lightning. Their benefits include enabling your attacks to chain to other foes or toasting your opponents with lightning under specific circumstances.

Best Boons in Hades

  • Life Affirmation – Offered by Aphrodite. This will raise the amount of health that you can get from health pickups in the world.
  • Slicing Shot – Offered by Ares. Unfortunately, the castability is abysmal in the absence of Boons. However, if you upgrade it with this effect and others, you can inflict truly immense damage. This will enable you to produce a circular vortex of blades every time you press the button.
  • Curse of Agony or Curse of Pain – These two Boons are offered by Ares. They will enable you to inflict the Doom status effect with your attack or special, respectively.
  • Battle Rage – Offered by Ares. After you take down a foe, you will be able to inflict more damage to the next opponent that you attack.
  • Ares’ Aid – Offered by Ares. Your Call ability will turn you into an invincible blade rift that is capable of wreaking serious havoc upon your opponents.
  • Clean Kill – Offered by Artemis. By virtue of this, critical attacks will deal to produce more damage against foes. You can try using this with effects that increase your critical chance for the best results.
  • Divine Strike and/or Divine Flourish – Offered by Athena. These Boons will enhance the damage of both your attack and specials. They will also enable these abilities to deflect hostile attacks.
  • Deathless Stand – Offered by Artemis. This will let you remain invincible to damage for a longer period of time when using Death Defiance. It will also replenish a charge of that ability if your character has already been killed.
  • Drunken Strike and/or Drunken Flourish – Offered by Dionysus. This will enable your attack and special to inflict the Hangover status effect on your foes.
  • Tipsy Shot – Offered by Dionysus. Whenever you use your cast on foes, you will attack with a projectile that produces Festive Fog. This will inflict severe damage to foes and will boost the damage your attacks produce when you are inside this fog.
  • Greater Reflex – Offered by Hermes. By virtue of this, you will have a tiny chance of suffering no damage at all when you are attacked.
  • Tidal Dash – Offered by Poseidon. Whenever you dash, it will produce a ring of water around you. This will damage your foes and knock them backward over a significant distance.
  • Razor Shoals – Offered by Poseidon – This will enable knockback effects to inflict the Rupture effect on foes, which causes severe damage.
  • Lightning Strike – Offered by Zeus. By virtue of this, all your attacks will chain lightning between foes.

As a general word of advice, you should try to avoid all of Chaos’ Boons until you understand the game’s mechanics better.

That is it for now. We hope our guide helps you get the best out of these useful Boons in Hades. Now, check out our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media Guides, iPhone, and Android Guides to know more. 

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