Fix: Honkai Star Rail Game Files Verification Error

It is no wonder that Honkai Star Rail has taken the gaming world by storm. Like any other game, it may encounter glitches or errors that disrupt gameplay. Among these errors is Honkai Star Rail Files Verification Error, which can leave players helpless. However, don’t worry, as we’re here to help you overcome this obstacle and enjoy smooth gameplay. So, if you are facing this problem, make sure to check the guide until the end to know the effective fixes. Therefore, let’s get started with the guide.

Fix: Honkai Star Rail Game Files Verification Error

Understanding the Honkai Star Rail Files Verification Error

If your device isn’t able to verify the game file when you launch it, then you start getting the Honkai Star Rail files verification error. However, we all know how important it is to function the game properly. Well, there are many reasons why the game server fails to verify the game files on your PC, but whatever the reason behind this error, you can try out the fixes mentioned below.

Causes of the Honkai Star Rail Files Verification Error

It is a common issue that players are facing currently. However, there are some reasons why you are getting this problem. So, let’s check them out: 

  1. The most common reason for the error is corrupted game files.
  2. If you don’t update the game files or install them incorrectly, you may end up with outdated game files. It can cause compatibility issues and cause the game to crash.
  3. To run smoothly, the game requires a certain amount of free space on your device. 
  4. Malwares might be another reason why this error occurs.

Fixing the Honkai Star Rail Files Verification Error

There are several ways to fix the Honkai Star Rail Files Verification Error. Here are some ways that you can try:

Method 1: Restart your device

It is possible for your device’s software to have a temporary glitch causing the error. It may be helpful to restart your device in order to resolve the problem. Hold the power button to restart your device until it shuts down. You can then turn it back on by pressing the power button again.

Method 2: Clear Honkai Star Rail Resources

You must be well acquainted with the innumerable updates Hoyoverse releases. In spite of the fact that the game downloads them automatically, it sometimes encounters errors. In the game’s launcher, you can delete outdated or damaged files. To do so,

  1. Launch Honkai Star Rail’s official launcher.
  2. Click on the three lines next to the Play button.
  3. Select the “Clear Download Resources” option.
  4. When the process is complete, close the launcher and restart your computer.
  5. Once the new files have been downloaded, launch the game.

After completing this process, the game should be ready to play.

Method 3: Verify Game Files

Epic Games also offers Honkai Star Rail, and players can fix this error using the Epic launcher. In order to do so:

  1. Go to the library in the Epic Games launcher.
  2. Select Honkai Star Rail and click on the three dots below the game.
  3. In the Manage section, select Verify.
  4. Wait for the process to complete.

Method 4: Make Sure You Have Enough Free Space

To install Honkai Star Retail, you will need around 12-15GB of free space in the directory where it will be installed. In this way, the launcher can make sure there is enough space when downloading and extracting required zip files. This is because when the game server is unable to unzip the required files, this kind of error occurs. 

Method 5: Update the Launcher

You need to make sure that the Honkai Star Rail launcher has the latest version. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • On your desktop, double-click the Honkai Star Rail shortcut.
  • On the Play button, click on the three lines.
  • On the next page, click Game Resources.
  • Click on Launcher Update.

Method 6: Update the game

To begin with, you will need to update the title to the latest patch. It is usually caused by a version mismatch, so to resolve the bug, you must find and download the latest version of the game.

Users on smartphones will need to go to the Google Play Store or the iOS store and check for the latest update, while PC users will need to go to the Epic Games Store client or the game’s website to look for the latest update.

How To Fix Game Files Verification Failed Error On Mobile

Here are some methods you can try if you get a Game Files Verification Failed error while playing Honkai Star Rail on your mobile phone.

  • Restart your mobile phone.
  • Check your network connection to see if it’s working.
  • Turn off battery optimization if it is enabled on your phone.
  • Honkai Star Rail’s cache files must be cleared.
  • If none of the solutions above fix the Game Files Verification Failed error, you should uninstall and reinstall the game.

Wrap Up

You can try out the fixes mentioned above to resolve the Game files verification failed error. However, if you are still experiencing the error after trying the abovementioned methods, you may have to contact the Honkai Star Rail game’s support team for further assistance. So, that’s all we have for you on how to fix the Honkai Star Rail game file verification failed error. We hope that this guide has helped you. 


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