Honkai Star Rail Memory Bubbles Guide, How to Unlock and Use Them

In Honkai Star Rail, players will come across mysterious blue orbs called Memory Bubbles as they explore the Herta Space Station. These Memory Bubbles contain memories that give players additional insight into the game’s universe. However, interacting with these orbs initially yields no results. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock the ability to interact with Memory Bubbles and explore the memories they contain.

Unlocking the Ability to Touch Memory Bubbles

To unlock the ability to interact with Memory Bubbles, players must first locate and speak with Herta, a character found behind the elevator in Storage Zone Level 2. Here’s how to reach Herta:

  1. Complete a simple light bridge puzzle to access Herta’s location.
  2. Once the puzzle is solved, speak with Herta to gain the ability to touch Memory Bubbles.

How to Unlock The Memory Bubbles in Honkai Star Rail

After unlocking the ability, players can explore the memories contained within Memory Bubbles by following these steps:

Locate a Memory Bubble and interact with it.

From the interaction options, select “Touch the Memory Bubble” to activate it.

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All Locations of Memory Bubbles in Herta Space Station

There are 20 Memory Bubbles scattered across the Herta Space Station, with varying levels of difficulty to access:

Master Control Zone

This safe zone has five Memory Bubbles that are relatively easy to access.

Base Zone

Four Memory Bubbles are located in the Base Zone, with the northernmost one posing some danger due to its location outside the safe zone.

Storage Zone

Six Memory Bubbles can be found in the Storage Zone, with three located on each level. This area has numerous enemies, so players should proceed with caution. One Memory Bubble on the upper level is close to a challenging enemy encounter.

Supply Zone

The final five Memory Bubbles are located in the Supply Zone. Although it’s not a safe zone, players won’t encounter many difficult enemies in this area.

Rewards for Exploring Memory Bubbles

By exploring the memories contained within Memory Bubbles, players can understand the game’s lore and earn in-game rewards such as 1,000 credits.

In conclusion, Memory Bubbles in Honkai Star Rail provide players with an engaging way to explore the game’s universe and earn valuable rewards. By locating Herta and solving the light bridge puzzle, players can unlock the ability to interact with these Memory Bubbles and uncover the memories they hold.

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