How to Bypass FRP Lock on Spreadtrum/Unisoc devices?

In this post, we will be looking at how to bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock on Spreadtrum Devices. Moreover, in this post, we will share with you two methods one by using the Fastboot tool and the other one using the NCK Box. If you are new to using an NCK Box then, you can check out a detailed post by following the below-mentioned link, in order to know more about NCK Box and how to set it up correctly;

Download NCK Pro Box drivers: How to Setup?


Now, for those who don’t know what a Spreadtrum device is,

Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. now Unisoc, is a Chinese fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Shanghai which produces chipsets for mobile phones. Its products support a broad range of wireless communications standards, including GSM, GPRS, EDGE, TD-SCDMA, W-CDMA, HSPA+, and TD-LTE. Also in 2018, the company began working on a 5G smartphone platform with an Intel 5G modem. In February 2018, Spreadtrum was introducing high-end smartphones with Augmented Reality.


How to Bypass FRP Lock on Spreadtrum/Unisoc devices?

So, without any further ado, let us get straight into the article itself and let us check out the methods on how to bypass FRP lock on Spreadtrum devices.

1st Method: Bypass FRP lock on Spreadtrum devices using NCK Pro Box

The first method for bypassing the FRP lock on Spreadtrum devices involves using the NCK Pro Box Spreadtrum module. I would advise you to please follow all the steps very carefully to avoid any complications or issues.


There is some requirement that you need to have beforehand in order to proceed with this method.

  • You should set up the NCK Pro box. (For the complete tutorial you can check out here)
  • Download and install the NCK box Spreadtrum module.
  • A Windows PC and USB cable.

Steps to bypass FRP on Spreadtrum using NCK Pro box

  1. Firstly, launch the NCK Box Spreadtrum module.
  2. Then, click on the Flash Mode Utils tab.
  3. Now, under Models, choose the device’s brand or Generic CPU if not on the list.
  4. Now, you need to select the chipset from the second dropdown menu.
  5. Then, under the Job tab, select Remove FRP.
  6. Click on Do Job.
  7. Now you need to Power off the device then connect to PC (still with battery in) while holding volume down button. It can be Volume up button for some Spreadtrum devices.
  8. Once you have correctly done the above step then, the device should get detected and the procedure for FRP removal will commence.
  9. After the FRP removal procedure is completed, you should get a Done message once FRP lock has been bypassed.
  10. That’s it! You have successfully bypassed the FRP Lock on Spreadtrum Device.

Important Notice

Important Notice

  • NCK Pro box ideally requires a hardware box or dongle to work. Running the module without the hardware won’t work.
  • If you’re using a loader version (no hardware box or dongle required) then your antivirus might flag it. It is up to you to either heed or ignore.

Source: Hovatek Forum












You can follow the below video and watch it in order to know visually on how to bypass the FRP lock on Spreadtrum device using an NCK Pro Box;

Video Transcript

Video Transcript

In this video tutorial, I’ll be explaining how to bypass Factory Reset Protection or FRP on a Spreadtrum Android device using NCK box. You need to have the hardware box and have installed (setup) the dongle. You also need to have installed Spreadtrum USB drivers. Now, I’m waiting for the dashboard to come up, I’ve launched it. Now, once it comes up you come under the Flash Mode Utils.

Under Models, you select based on your Model. If you can’t find yours just select generic CPU. Now select the device’s chipset. Under Job, you select remove FRP and now you click Do Job. Now you power off the device, still with battery in then you hold the volume down button then connect to PC via USB cord. For some SPD devices, it is volume up button so sure to try boot.

Now the device should get detected and FRP removal should commence. You should get a Done message. That’s how to bypass FRP on an SPD device using NCK box

2nd Method: Bypass FRP lock on Spreadtrum devices using ADB Fastboot method

In this second method, we will use the Fastboot tools and ADB in order to bypass the FRP lock on Spreadtrum devices. Unlike the other method, this does not require a hardware box like the NCK Pro Box for bypassing the FRP Lock.


  • Download the Fastboot Tool from here.
  • You need to have an active Google account set up on the device.
  • If the FRP is active, this means that, once the factory reset is performed, you will be required to log in to the Google Account using the username and password.
  • Moreover, if you have multiple Google Accounts set up on the device, you can log in using any of the accounts.
  • But, note that if you have forgotten the login details of your Google Account then, you can follow the below method to remove FRP lock.

Steps to Bypass Factory Reset Protection FRP on Spreadtrum (SPD) using Fastboot

  1. Firstly, boot your device into Recovery by holding the Power Button for 2 sec then, Press Vol Down and Release Power Button. Then, you need to scroll down to “Reboot to Bootloader” with the Vol down button¬†and use the Power Button to Select.
  2. Now, your phone will boot into Fastboot mode, as shown in the image below.
  3. Go to My Computer and open Command Prompt as an Administrator.
  4. Select “Yes” on the Pop-up Window.
  5. In the Command Prompt, type the command below and Hit Enter Button
    fastboot erase persist
  6. Then, you need to type the below command to restart your phone.
    fastboot reboot
  7. Once you have completed the above steps correctly then, the Google Account is removed on your device.
  8. That’s it! You have successfully bypassed the FRP lock on Spreadtrum device using the Fastboot and ADB tools.

Important Notice

Important Notice

  • Make sure to setup ADB & Fastboot.
  • The battery must be charged.
  • Apply this method only on Spreadtrum phone, otherwise, go ahead at your own risk.
  • Use Original USB cable Make sure your phone, PC USB ports are in good condition

Source: Hovatek Forum


So, there you have it from my side in this article. I have shared with you two methods that will help you bypass the FRP Lock on Spreadtrum devices. Moreover, if you follow all the steps of any of the above-mentioned methods, then you can do the FRP bypass very easily. Besides, please do let us know in the comments if you come across any issues while following the steps mentioned above.

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