How to fix if I see “Unfortunately Android Keyboard has stopped” error on my smartphone?

Consider that you are typing a message or editing a doc file and suddenly, “Unfortunately Android Keyboard has stopped” this message pops up. Isn’t it irritating? Android is by far one of the best-operating systems for smartphones as it allows users to tweak into its functionalities and churn out more benefits thanks to its open-source nature. But, Android has a fair share of problems as well.

If you are an Android user, you would know that irrespective of the phone’s configuration, it will crash at some point in time. So, no matter if you invested 40,000rs in buying the latest Samsung flagship smartphone or any other brand, you’ll still suffer from such issues at some time. But, the best thing about Android is, you can easily fix the problems without any hassle. There are few methods you can employ to get the Keyboard up and running and prevent it from crashing again and we decided to compile a list of all the methods you can use.

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How to fix if I see “Unfortunately Android Keyboard has stopped” error on my smartphone?

Quick Fix #1 – Restart The Phone
The error “Unfortunately Android Keyboard has stopped” could be due to minor software glitches or it could be memory-related such as insufficient RAM, etc. Restarting the phone is one of the quickest ways to fix these minor glitches. Restarting the phone wipes off RAM, clears unwanted background apps, frees up memory that was hoarded by background apps and much more. Simply tap on the Power button, select Restart and the phone must reboot instantly.

Quick Fix #2 – Force Stop the Keyboard App
If the Keyboard app keeps crashing every time you use it, you can force close it at once. This is an app-related issue and forcing it to stop abruptly and then turning it ON will allow the app to fix whatever issues it has. It clears RAM consumed by the app thus providing required memory during startup of the app. Visit Settings >> Apps > Downloaded (More Settings >> Keyboard app (search for it). Now, tap on the Force Close button and it’s done.

Quick Fix #3 – Clear App Cache and Data
Cache is helpful as it enables faster access to the app/service or website required without taking much time in processing it. However, the corrupted cache can cause problems both for the app and the phone by reducing its performance considerably. This particular quick fix is related to clearing the cache of the Android Keyboard app. Follow the given steps to perform it.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > More Settings (Downloaded)
  • Tap on Show system apps
  • Search for the Android keyboard that your phone is running and tap on it.
  • Now, tap on Storage and then press the ‘Clear Cache’ button.
  • Now, tap on ‘Clear Data’ button and the process is done.

Quick Fix #4 – Update Apps & Firmware
Keeping both the apps i.e. all the apps installed on the phone as well as the Android firmware is highly crucial as outdated apps introduce bugs. These bugs can deteriorate the performance of the system considerably. To check updates for apps, go to Google Play Store >> My apps and games > Installed. Similarly, to check any updates for the firmware, go to Settings >> About Phone >> System Update (Software Update).

Quick Fix #5 – Clear Cache Partition
Now that you have clear the app cache, now you must clear the cache partition as well. It is available in the recovery mode. It is a powerful method, however, it doesn’t affect the personal data stored on the phone. In order to reboot into the recovery mode, follow the given procedure.

  • Switch off the phone and wait for few seconds.
  • Now, based on the model and make, press the Power key plus Volume Up/Down key plus Bixby key (If available) and hold it.
  • Once the phone vibrates and shows an Android logo, release all the buttons.
  • Select Recovery mode from the options.
  • Now, use Volume Up/down key to scroll and Power button to select (Note: It may vary)
  • Scroll towards ‘Wipe cache partition’ and then, tap on ‘Yes’.
    This will wipe out the cache partition from your phone after which, reboot the device and check out if the problem is still there or not.

Quick Fix #6 – Reset The Phone
Performing a factory reset is the last and most powerful method you can use to curb any software glitch. Note that it will wipe all the user and system data so, take a backup of all the data required and then, follow these steps.

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Press Power key plus Volume Up/Down plus Bixby key (If available) and hold it until the phone vibrates.
  • Leave the buttons so that the system could boot into the recovery mode.
  • Now, use Volume Up or Down key to scroll and power key to select an option (Note: It may vary).
  • Then, scroll towards ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and select ‘Yes – delete all user data’.
  • Let the system perform a factory reset after which, you will be prompt to reboot the device.

These are all the methods that will help the users fix “Unfortunately Android Keyboard has stopped” error on their phones. Visit GetDroidTips for more updates.

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