How To Fix Redmi Note 5 Screen Flickering Issue?

When I came across the screen flickering issue, I had little knowledge that almost all Xiaomi smartphones have been reporting a certain degree of flickering. I stumbled upon a forum where hundreds of users discussed the flickering issue at length and finally decided to provide a fix for the issue. Screen Flickering is a problem where the screen flickers, jitters, or flashes or the luminosity of the screen goes down to 20% or so. Like any electronic component that can develop serious problems if not contained and fixed soon, Xiaomi users have little choice to make their decision on what method to opt for to get rid of it.

Xiaomi smartphones have affordable price tags bundled with high-end specifications and that is what tempts hundreds of buyers to purchase and use these phones. Although there is no point in discussing why Chinese-made phones are bad because every major smartphone manufacturer produces their phones in China. But there are some issues that cannot be neglected easily. Screen Flickering, Screen Freezing are just a few of them. Until Xiaomi finds a permanent fix for the issue, here is a temporary fix for the problem. Note that this guide assumes that there is no physical damage to the phone and no liquid or stains have made their way inside the components as it will be covered in hardware issues for which, you can follow the last method. And for software-related queries, the rest of the options are viable.

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How To Fix Redmi Note 5 Screen Flickering Issue?

Reboot The Device

If it’s a software-related screen flickering issue, then you can fix it by initiating a reboot to the device. Rebooting will clear memory hoarded by services and tools running under the hood that will give a much smoother user experience once the phone starts working. It is also an effective method used to curb various performance and system-related issues. To reboot the device, you can either press the ‘Power Button’ and select ‘Reboot’ or you can ‘Power Off’ the phone and reboot after a few seconds.

Clear Cache Memory

Cache memory usually stores some information and data about the app or tool that you use recently thus, helping it retrieve the data much quicker. Although it is helpful, it has been hindering the performance of smartphones lately. Clearing the cache memory will optimize the phone and hopefully, it will fix the screen flickering issue as well. The cache can also cause problems if it is corrupted or damaged and therefore, erasing it is the best choice. To clear cache, simply visit ‘Settings > Storage’ on your phone an4d then, tab onto the ‘Cache Memory’. This will show a dialog box prompting to delete the memory or not. Confirm it and the cache memory will be deleted off the phone.

Wipe Cache Partition

In addition to the previous solution, you can also delete the cache partition that your phone might have formed. This will free up the memory used by cache files on the entire system and therefore, it is more efficient than the previous method.

  • Turn OFF your phone.
  • Press Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power buttons together and hold the keys.
  • The phone will boot and vibrate. It will show an Android logo on the screen and that is when you need to release the power button.
  • The Recovery mode will initiate.
  • Scroll down towards the feature ‘wipe cache partition and agree to delete the cache storage.
  • Restart the phone and try using it for a couple of mins and verify if the issue has been sorted or not.

Hard Reset Using Built-in FDR Feature

Unlike other methods I mentioned in this guide, Hard Reset is a radical method that will wipe all the data from your phone in a second. But you can still take the backup of the data if you want to get rid of the flickering problem. Simply move the data required to an external drive or storage device and then, perform this procedure.

  • Open the Settings app on your app and redirect towards the ‘Backup & Reset’ feature.
  • Then, hit the Reset button and enter the Password, Pattern, or PIN, if any.
  • Click on ‘Erase Everything’ on the screen to confirm initiating FDR.
  • Reboot the device and you have performed FDR successfully. Check with the display and see if flickering is still there or not.

Hard Reset Using Hardware Buttons

  • To perform a hard reset with the help of hardware buttons, switch off the phone.
  • Now, press the Power button, Volume up button, and Volume down button together.
  • Hold the keys until the phone vibrates to show the ‘Android’ logo.
  • Leave the power button and let the device dive into recovery mode.
  • In this mode, there are many options for which, you need to select ‘wipe cache/reset data’ using Volume Up/down as mentioned.
  • Use the Power button to confirm the selection.
  • Power Off the device and turn it back ON.
  • It must solve the flickering issue that you have reported subject that it is a software issue.

Solution – Report To The Service Center

In case if no other method works in your favor which possibly means that it is a hardware-related issuer, you must report to the authorized service center. I recommend authorized centers because when the technicians remove the circuit, it voids the warranty of the phone. But if an authorized technician does the same, it is assured that the warranty is still intact and in force. I stress maintaining the integrity of the warranty because you never know what happens to the phone in the future. If it falls, the glass and touchscreen will crack or even stop working, if it drowns, it will surely stop working at all and these issues cost hefty bucks. But with the warranty still in force, you can expect the service center to charge less and if you are lucky enough, you will get it fixed or replaced for free or at a nominal cost.


  1. Display screen is become all black and it is flickering all the time after some time it will be off and nothing display on screen

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