How To Fix Vernee GPS Problem [Methods & Quick Troubleshoot]

GPS or Global Positioning System has been one of the essential features of a smartphone as with a reliable GPS service, you can track route to your destination, find out your whereabouts, check out the nearest malls, shopping centers, theatres, hospitals, etc; and pretty much every task that requires you to find a place where you haven’t already been like a new city or town where you relocated or came for holidays, etc. There’s no harm in asking people about the location but people who are introvert or those who feel alienated or uncomfortable asking about it to strangers, GPS got your back.

GPS works with any map service like Google Maps which you can use on your Vernee smartphone to check out any query or request located in location. But what if there is a GPS connectivity issue or there is a Vernee GPS problem? You have come to the right place as we will discuss the hacks and tricks you can use to kickstart GPS out of any connectivity issue and boost its accuracy making it more accurate and reliable. So hold tight and read along this extract at GetDroidTips.

How To Fix Vernee GPS Problem?

Refresh GPS
You need to go somewhere and want to book an Uber or track your route to the destination, what do you do? I turn on GPS on my phone and check out my location. Now, turning on GPS is not a rocket science because it’s an essential feature and every Android-enabled smartphone such as Vernee has a dedicated icon on the notification tray. Simply pull down the tray, locate the icon and tap on it and the GPS will be activated. But what if it didn’t?

It happens to a lot of users that GPS doesn’t start even after you have already tapped on the GPS icon. To easy fix is to refresh it and do you know how? Tap on the GPS icon and then, tap again to turn it off. Now, wait for few seconds and tap on the icon again and this must enable the GPS service on your phone.

Toggle between Airplane Mode
You tried toggling the GPS on and off again and again but to no avail. Well, don’t worry because it can be due to a minor software glitch or bug. Simply pull down the notification tray and located Flight or Airplane Mode icon. Upon tapping it, all the incoming and outgoing connections and networks will be disabled temporarily but don’t worry because it somehow works by fixing any network related issues. Now that the airplane mode is active, wait for 15 to 20 seconds and then, tap on the icon again to disable it. Check if the GPS is working now.

Power Saving Mode
People usually activate the power saving mode on their phone if they want to reserve some battery power in case if there is no recharge facility is available. Power saving mode restricts background apps and services from using more than prescribed energy thus helping the phone conserve the fuel that will enable it to stay alive for a longer duration. But this mode can also disable wifi and GPS on your phone. Check if the power saving mode is active or not, if yes then you might have found the culprit behind the Vernee GPS problem that you have been addressing. Simply turn off the power saving mode and turn on the GPS by tapping on its icon in the notification tray.

Remove phone case
Problems like wrong or inaccurate location can be due to obstruction caused by any object. Check if the phone case you are using is the culprit by removing it and then, use GPS to check if the location is accurate or not. There are plenty of other obstructions that can result in a faulty location. To find the best results, go to your window or any open place.

Reboot the device
GPS works with the help of its hardware as well as its software component where the latter might be susceptible to errors and bugs during startup. You don’t need to know a coding language to get rid of errors here since plenty of minor bugs and glitches can be fixed with a simple reboot which doesn’t take more than 30 seconds or so. Tap on the power button and power down the device and wait for few seconds. Tap on the power button again and there you go, you can check if the GPS is working properly or not.

Tweak GPS Settings
Take your smartphone and go to Settings >> Location. Here, you can spot all the settings related to location or GPS on your phone where you can take a number of measures to rectify the Vernee GPS problem on your phone. You can go to Mode and check whether ‘High Accuracy’ mode is selected or not. Although this mode can consume more battery power, it is the best option when you are observing inaccurate location or wrong location-like issues. This must solve your problem but if it doesn’t, then below are few more hacks that will do its magic.

Tweak AGPS
Most of the people aren’t aware what is AGPS or Assisted GPS since there is no official listing of this feature on the phone except the All Apps section in the Settings tool. AGPS is essential since it uses both GPS satellites and nearby cell towers and other networks in order to find out user location on apps like Google Maps, etc. Here is what you can do to improve the signal by tweaking AGPS.

  • Firstly, go to Settings and then, tap on ‘Location & Security’ or ‘Location’.
  • Next step is to tap on ‘Use wireless networks’ and ‘Use GPS satellite’ where both must be checked.
  • Another way around is to go to ‘Settings >> Apps’.
  • Next is to locate A-GPS app under ‘All’ apps and tap on it.
  • Press ‘Clear cache’ and ‘Clear data’ that will refresh this app and hopefully, it will resume working properly.


Use GPS Status and Toolbox App for diagnosis
This is a great app as it displays if the GPS problem that you have been observing is a hardware or software-related issue. When you tap on GPS Status, it displays all the satellites which are currently connected to your smartphone. If there are no satellites displayed on the screen, it is probably a hardware issue that you can get it fixed by reporting it to a technician or a service center. However, if the satellites are displayed then, it is probably a software glitch.

In case if the Vernee GPS problem is about wrong or inaccurate results, you can calibrate the GPS for which there is an option available within this app. There are plenty of other GPS related features included in this app which you can download from Google Play Store.

Update the firmware
Most people won’t pay emphasis towards updating their system aka firmware or OS but it must be updated as soon as the updates are available in order to keep bugs and errors away and improve performance and others. You can check out the latest updates at “Settings >> About Phone >> System Updates (Software Updates) >> Check for updates”.

Use an external GPS receiver
If you GPS problem on your phone is related to its accuracy, you can use an external GPS receiver in order to complement the existing receiver as well as boost its signal further. This will enable the device to track user location more accurately. You can purchase the same at any electronic store or e-commerce website.

Get help from a service center
If the problem persists even after following this list of hacks to fix GPS problem which is highly unlikely, you can report the issue to a service center who is more competent to explain if the issue is related to hardware or software. Though software issues aren’t too expensive, you will have to negotiate if the issue is related to hardware. You can seek help from multiple service centers and technicians and zero in the suitable option from the available options in terms of service and affordability.

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