How To Fix Xiaomi Mi Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

Xiaomi started manufacturing the Xiaomi Mi series back in 2012 when it was unveiled to the market. This then, it has seen dozens of iterations and has become a smartphone with high-end specifications which can compete for head-on with any other high-end smartphone brand. Irrespective of the model, Xiaomi Mi has not charged problem which is what hundreds of people have reported so far. Since we received many requests to post troubleshoot and quick fixes for not charging problem and here we are with multiple methods that will be helpful to get rid of such issues.

First of all, there can be different issues that your phone is going through under the subject ‘not charging problem’ and therefore, different techniques and methods will be applicable to different problems. Please go through the entire post to know more about specific charging problems and then, take the appropriate technique to curb it.

How To Fix Xiaomi Mi Not Charging Problem

not charging issue


Method 1 – Reset The Device:

Resetting the phone has been a consistent method that allows users to fix most of the issues related to software such as WiFi connectivity, heating, lagging, freezing, flickering, etc. It is also one of the solutions to troubleshoot if you are observing phone not charging problem. It is one of the easiest ways you can fix this issue, however, there are chances that it won’t work if it is a hardware-related issue.
Going to the Recovery mode where you can reset the device has a predefined procedure using which, you can boot into the recovery mode and do the needful.

  1. Firstly, press the ‘Power’ button to switch Off the device completely.
  2. Now press Volume Up and Power buttons together and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds where the response time differs from model-to-model.
  3. Release both the buttons once the android logo appears on-screen.
  4. Use Volume Up/Down rocker to scroll between the options available on the screen and select ‘wipe data / reset factory’.
  5. Now, click on the ‘Confirm’ option on your device.
  6. Soon, the phone will automatically carry out the factory reset function and then, prompt the users to take further steps.
  7. Now, click on ‘Reboot device now’.
  8. Check if you are observing a similar issue or not. If yes, follow other steps in this list.

Method 2 – Use Mi PC Suite:

With every Xiaomi Mi phones you purchase, you get a Mi PC Suite CD that you can install on your computer. The Suite facilitates a connection between the computer and the device using which, you can perform a number of functions starting with rebooting to fast boot, recovery, or another mode to fix the uses that you have been observing lately. When you install the Mi PC Suite on your computer, connect it to the phone via USB Cable and search for the option that lets users boot into different bootable partitions. Click on Fastboot option or enter the command as required to enter into the Fastboot mode where you can tweak into the settings and update the ROM for quicker and faster processing along with the fix for this issue.

Outdated ROM image or OS can attract bugs that restrict users from doing certain functions, for instance, phone not charging problem. Updating the same will eliminate the bug and probably get the phone fixed easily.

Method 3 – Use Battery Saving Apps:

Sometimes due to xyz reasons, the phone charge slowly or doesn’t charge at all even after you are using the original charger provided by the smartphone manufacturer. It is also possible that there is no issue with your phone neither software-related or hardware-related. So what to do if the phone isn’t charging? Use Battery Saving apps that can trigger the phone to charge itself with connected to a power outlet. It also saves battery life when needed by restricting the number of processes and apps that consume a massive chunk of the battery life.

Method 4 – Install Custom ROMs:

This is a potential fix that you can do to get rid of the issue of not charging. For this, you will have to search for the latest custom ROMs available and install it.


Check For the Culprit:

If you don’t think there is any software related issue, you can zoom into this section that gives details about hardware-related issues. First of all, there are physical components coupled with unlying drivers that help a phone to charge the battery.

Step 1 – The Setup:

First of all, plug the USB cable into the phone. Then, insert another end of the USB cable to the charger which is in turn connected to the outlet unit. If any component in this chain malfunctions, the phone won’t charge or it will cause problems while charging slowly.

Step 2 – Check For Probability / Root Cause:

After setting up the charger and phone, see if your phone charges or not. If it doesn’t charge, connect it with via USB cable to a computer. This must allow connection between these two devices which makes it pretty clear that there is nothing wrong with the USB Cable and the USB port in your phone. In case, it doesn’t show any sign of connection with the computer, then, it is probably because of USB Cable. Replace it with another cable and repeat the procedure. If it is still not connecting to the component, the USB port is the culprit and needs repair. Consider the first scenario where the phone connected to the computer via USB Cable and it worked. Now, the main culprit here will be the charger itself. Since modern smartphones have detachable chargers and USB cables, you can switch it to another adaptor to see if the phone is responding or not. If it worked, then you just fixed the issue right there. If not, follow this explicit guide to know more.

Step 3 – Check the USB Port:

Did you follow the procedure stated above? If the USB port in your phone is to be blamed, it mustn’t allow both charging and connection to the PC. USB port can be replaced pretty easily for which, you need to report the issue to a service center to get it fixed. The cost of fixing USB port is minimal and won’t cost much. However, if there is any other hardware related issue, it can burn a hole in your pocket.

Report To The Service Center:

It can be an issue related to the software or hardware but it is crucial to fixing it since, once the battery runs out, you won’t be able to charge it again. Even if you have alternative batteries to keep the phone running, these all are temporary fixes. If you want to fix the problem once in for all, report the issue to the service center where the technician will analyze all the aspects of the system and fix it.

Hope the guide works by solving the issue that you are having. If not, please comment down below with your problem and we will provide the updated fix right there.


  1. My phone is not charging and not turning on If I will charge it keeps on 50 percent but still turning off. what to do? REDMI7 china rom

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