How to Get System-Wide Dark Mode on iPhone

If you’ve been searching all over the internet for a way to bring the true dark mode to your iPhone, then look no further, for we’ve got your back! Read on to learn how you can Get System-Wide Dark Mode on iPhone within a few simple steps.

Ever since the dawn of mobile-based operating systems, a feature that has been longed for the most has been a convenient dark mode for the mobile interface. Dark Mode brings forth not only medically proofed boons but is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with it complementing a contrast for everything there is on your phone’s display. A Dark Mode can help significantly in terms of reducing eye strain and will ease out if you read a lot on your phone. The biggest advantage of having a true dark mode on your iPhone is how much battery it saves. If you happen to own an iPhone with an AMOLED display, which includes the iPhone X, Xs, and Xs Max, then you can reduce battery consumption drastically. Since your display is AMOLED, all the black colors on the screen are simply made by turning off the RGB pixels completely, which in turn saves a lot of battery.

iOS already does showcase a Smart Invert mode which users can enable to flip all the white elements like the backgrounds and toggles to be darker in color and this doesn’t affect the media such as images or icons. However, this feature is still very much a work in progress and fails to cover the whole of iOS including many third-party apps. The only other good alternative is to use a Cydia based extension known as Eclipse 12. If your iPhone isn’t jailbroken, then unfortunately for you, this procedure will not be of any use. However, if you do have a jailbroken device then Eclipse 12 will surely deem useful for you.

How to Get System-Wide Dark Mode on iPhone

What is Eclipse 12?

Like mentioned prior, we will be using an extension going by the name of Eclipse 12. This is a popular service that has been around since iOS 7, and this is the only reason why its price of $1.49 is completely justified since this service has been tried tested and trusted by many. The app can be purchased on Cydia by using PayPal, and we would recommend it to you if you really want the best experience. Once purchased and installed, you can not only apply the system-wide dark mode all over iOS, but you can also tweak the accent colors and the main background theme if you so prefer to.

With that out of the way, let’s check out how you can actually Get System-Wide Dark Mode on iPhone to make full use of that OLED display!

How to Get System-Wide Dark Mode on iPhone

  1. The first step involves you to manually add the Packix Repo on your iPhone. You can add this repository on Cydia by going into Sources and typing in the following address to add the required source :
  2. Once added, head back to the Cydia main menu, and tap on the search box. Type in Eclipse 12 and if everything works out you should see the extension pop up.
  3. From here, tap on the Purchase button and continue to buy it using PayPal.
  4. Once you’ve paid for the service you will be redirected to another web page where you have to link Eclipse 12 service with your Cydia app.
  5. On the web page, tap on the green Link via Profile button. You will be redirected to your Settings App where you will have to verify the installation. Just tap on Install and confirm it once again.
  6. You will be redirected back to the web page for one last time where you have to verify the instance once again. Just tap on the green Link your Device button.

    Source :
  7. This finishes your entire purchase and verification process. Now you can head back to Cydia and tap on the Modify button, then tap on Instal. This will begin the installation process and you will be able to see all the services being installed in real time. Once done, tap on the Restart Springboard button.
  8. Now that Eclipse 12 is installed on your iPhone, you need to manually enable the app. For this, navigate to Settings > Eclipse Dark Mode > Applications. From this list you can manually enable all the apps that you want to be affected by the dark mode.
  9. Once you’ve selected all the applications, tap on Back and then on the Restart Springboard button.

  10. You will now see all of your selected apps with a beautiful AMOLED Black theme.

That’s all there is to attain the true Dark Mode on an iPhone. This hasn’t been tested on other Apple products like the iPad or the iPod, but any OLED iPhone running on top of iOS 12.x should be covered by Eclipse 12. If you have any queries regarding the procedure, then hit us down below we’ll be happy to help!

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