How to Unlock Bootloader on any Vivo smartphones?

Google’s Android OS contains multiple software contents like Bootloader, System Framework, Stock Recovery, and more. When an Android device boots up, the system decides whether to boot into the system or in recovery mode automatically each and every time. Bootloader comes locked by default with the smartphones and tablet devices from OEMs in order to secure the device. But if you’re trying to flash any third-party Custom ROM or modded file or install Root Access on your Android device, unlocking the bootloader is a must. Vivo smartphones also fall in the same list. Therefore, we have shared with you the steps on How to Unlock Bootloader on any Vivo smartphones.

One of the leading Chinese smartphone brands Vivo don’t offer any official way to unlock the device bootloader and they even say that not to try by yourself. If in case, anything goes wrong with the bootloader unlocking, your device may get bricked easily. However, there are a couple of unlocking methods available online which are almost the same for most of the Android devices. You can follow a simple and different method from below.

What is Bootloader?

A bootloader is a code inside the device OS (Operating System) that instructs the device system to run the system kernel after switching on the phone. Each and every smartphone, tablet, gadgets that are powered by an Operating System, runs with a locked bootloader by default from the device manufacturer. Due to Android’s open-source nature and customizations, users or developers try custom firmware or rooting. In this case, they have to unlock the bootloader at first.

How to Unlock Bootloader on any Vivo smartphones?

As the Vivo has not released any official method for unlocking bootloader any Vivo devices, we will share with you two methods such as Fastboot OEM method and EDL Method. Here EDL means ‘Emergency Download Mode’.

What is Bootloader Unlocking?

A device Bootloader is a bunch of codes that initializes some hardware when a device turns on and it loads the system kernel and RAMdisk to boot the OS (Operating System). The device bootloader decides whether to boot into the system or in recovery mode every time we turn on our device. Each and every device which has an OS, do the same thing like smartphone, tablet, computer, smartwatch, etc.


However, bootloaders are come locked mostly by the smartphone OEMs every time due to security and privacy issues. It doesn’t allow the user to flash any third-party firmware, flashing any modded files, or enabling root access. All the device bootloaders are developed and designed to work well with the hardware. Without unlocking the bootloader, you can’t flash any Custom ROM or install Root as well.

Advantages of Unlocking Bootloader

  • Enable Root Access on Vivo device.
  • Flash any Custom Firmware easily after unlocking the bootloader. It’s necessary.
  • Can install Custom Recovery (TWRP) on your Vivo smartphone easily.
  • Additionally, you can customize your device by flashing modded files or Xposed modules after rooting.

Disadvantages of Unlocking Bootloader

  • The Vivo device warranty may void if you unlock the bootloader.
  • Installed Custom ROM might not work properly on your device or certain functions may affect device performance as well.
  • In a worst-case, unlocking the bootloader will cause physical damage to the material of your Vivo Phone, due to the device overheating issue.
  • Some of the pre-loaded contents on your device may also be inaccessible due to the removal of DRM security keys.
  • The device secure user data partition can become inaccessible as well.


Unlocking the device Bootloader will void the device warranty and will wipe all the device data completely. Make sure what’re you doing and take a complete backup as well. We’re at GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any kind of damage/error that occurs to your device while or after following this guide. Do this at your own risk.


  • The guide is only supported for Vivo devices.
  • Take a complete device internal data backup at first before doing anything.
  • Keep your device battery charged at least up to 60% for a smoother process.
  • Download and Install ADB & Fastboot Tool on your computer. [Windows/Mac/Linux]
  • Download and Install Qualcomm EDL Driver > QDLoader_HS_USB_Driver.7z
  • Enable Developer Options, USB Debugging, and OEM Unlock on your device. Check out the video guide.
  • Download Vivo Fastboot Tool > on your PC and extract it.
  • You will require a PC/Laptop and a USB Cable.
  • Download Vivo EDL Unlock Tool >

1. How to Unlock Bootloader on any Vivo smartphones via Fastboot Method

  • After following the pre-requirements properly, connect your Vivo smartphone to the PC via a USB cable.
  • Head over to the Vivo-Fastboot Tool folder on your PC.
  • Now, right-click on the blank area inside the Fastboot folder by pressing the Shift key will open a command prompt.
  • Next, type the following command and hit enter button in order to reboot your device into bootloader mode.
adb reboot bootloader
  • Then type another command below and press enter. For the older Vivo phones.
fastboot bbk unlock_vivo
  • If you’re using any newer Vivo phone then follow the below command.
fastboot bbk vivo_bsp unlock_vivo
  • That’s it. You’re done.

Steps to Re-Lock Bootloader on Vivo Device

If you want to re-lock the Vivo bootloader then follow the above steps in order to reboot your Vivo device into Bootloader mode. Then just type and enter the following command in the command prompt and restart your phone normally.

fastboot bbk lock_vivo

2. How to Unlock Bootloader on any Vivo smartphones via EDL Method

  • After following the pre-requirements properly, you will need to unzip the Vivo EDL Unlock Tool first.
  • Download the device latest stock firmware file according to your phone model and extract prog_emmc_firehose_****.mbn file from the firmware.
  • Copy the prog_emmc_firehose_****.mbn file to the Vivo EDL Unlock Tool folder.
  • Now, switch off your device and press & hold the Volume Up + Volume Down button and connect the USB cable to the PC together.
  • Next, open Device Manager on your computer and search the Qualcomm EDL port.
  • Run dump_devinfo.bat and type the port number and hit enter.
  • Edit devinfo.img using HxD Hex Editor.
  • Finally, run unlock.bat to Unlock Bootloader on any Vivo smartphones.

We hope that this full-depth guide is helpful to you and you have easily unlocked your Vivo device bootloader. For any queries, let us know in the comments below.


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