Will Infinix Zero X and Zero X Pro Get Android 12 Update?

If you are someone who is wondering whether Infinix Zero X and Zero X Pro will get the official Android 12 update, then let’s find out. In this article, we will update you on all the Infinix Zero X and Zero X Pro Android 12-related news, information, and downloads and guide you to flash the firmware on your device.

Will Infinix Zero X and Zero X Pro Get Android 12 Update?

Will Infinix Zero X and Zero X Pro Get Android 12 Update?

As we know, this device came out of the box with Android 11, and it is speculated that most probably at the end of 2022, users will get the Android 12 update on their new smartphone. However, if you are here to know the exact date, we regret it because there is currently no such news coming out from the official’s side. But, it is confirmed that the device will receive either in mid-July of 2022; you’ll for sure get the update.

It won’t justify if we are talking about whether this device meets the minimum requirement for the update or not because this is just launched. Anyway, if you still want to inspect whether this device is eligible, let’s hover to the specification section.

Android 12 Update Tracker:

We do not have any particular release date for Android 12 for the Infinix Zero X and Zero X Pro. But, you can bookmark this page as we will soon add an update tracker to this page along with respective links. So, just stay tuned with GetDroidTips.


    1. Zero x pro updates…?
      Android 12 update…
      It has been two years… But not get any Android 12 update…..?

  1. If there is a need for improvement in this update, it is to prevent app crash and solve heatup problem
    When it comes to ui, the pixel stock of android 12 is much better
    And especially its camera application needs to be changed to make it better and better AL technology Like Google’s stock camera And Xiaomi is the best
    And I don’t think Xos should run any more so that Infinix can strengthen its marketing

  2. Quería saber que si va tener android 12 para los infinix zero x pro y también quiero saber para infinix note 12 95g va conseguir android 13 alguien sepa

  3. If there’s no update for Infinix user mybe im the one who drop there phone end change for other brand that have update there devises

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