Fix: iPhone 13 Mini Screen Flickering Issue

iPhone 13 Mini is the latest version of Apple’s iPhone series. This time Apple comes with many improvements in the iPhone 13 series. The A15 Bionic chip is one of the fastest processors in the Smartphone industry. Also, there is a huge update in the camera and battery section. The newest series also has an IP 68 rating that is Splash, water, and dustproof. However, the Super Retina XDR display is the icing on the cake. Apart from the iPhone 13 Mini features, many users face flickering screen issues in their devices.

One of the major issues reported by many Apple users is that the iPhone 13 Mini screen is flickering. It is annoying to have an issue like that. The reason behind the flickering issue may be a hardware or software glitch. Here we find out how to resolve the issue in iPhone 13. Most users were facing the problem after the firmware update of iOS 15. The point is already accelerated to the Apple community and will soon be fixed by another update patch. But till then, apply the below methods to fix the iPhone 13 mini screen flickering issue.

Fix iPhone 13 Mini Screen Flickering Issue

Fix: iPhone 13 Mini Screen Flickering Issue

Nowadays, the display comes with a premium smartphone but is sensitive and has a lot of built-in features like sensors. Mainly display issues occur due to buggy update files. After the firmware update, sometimes the apps in our iPhone may act up, and the sensors may not recognize how to provide display output. To fix the software-related bug, you can apply the below troubleshoot to fix the flickering issue in your iPhone 13 Mini.

Force Restart iPhone 13 Mini

Whenever we encounter an issue with any device, the basic troubleshooting is to force reboot the device. For example, sometimes, you may face flickering screen problems with your Apple devices due to a software glitch or cache file. In recent times this method is the most important before applying other techniques or changes in setting in iPhone 13 Mini. The next thing is to ensure that your device has more the 70% battery remaining.

  • Press and release the Volume Up button and then again press and release the Volume down button of your device.
  • Now press and hold the side button of the iPhone 13 Mini until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • After that, wait till the press is complete and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Optimize Storage

It is one of the rarest fixes to resolve the flickering screen issue. It’s not easy to full the new iPhone 13 Mini storage. However, check once the storage of your device if its shows low storage, then try to make some space so that the apps and other features can run smoothly. You can copy the important data to another storage media or delete less used App to clean the storage.

  • Open the Settings App in your iPhone 13 Mini.
  • Then go to the General and then tap on the iPhone storage. After tapping on storage, it will show how much storage is available with all details like Photos, Apps, Videos, etc.

If the storage bar shows available space is less than 5 GB, then uninstall or delete some of the data that you will not use in the future. After deleting the data and making enough space, restart the iPhone 13 Mini and check the flickering issue is resolved or not.

Disable Auto-Brightness in iPhone 13 Mini

It is a trick that works for many users to disable the auto-brightness or adjust the screen brightness according to the app may stop the screen flickering.

  • Open Settings App and then navigate to the Display & Brightness.
  • Now adjust the screen brightness from the given slider. If it is low, then try to increase the brightness and vice versa.
  • Don’t forget to disable the Auto brightness from the below available option.

App Related Issue in iPhone 13

If you are still facing the screen flicker issue in iPhone 13 Mini, then notice that by opening which App, the screen is flickering. For example, while opening any social media app, the screen is flickering rapidly. In that case, get rid of that App. Uninstall and then reinstalling the app may fix the issue. Otherwise, close all background apps and then check if the display of the iPhone 13 Mini is creating a problem. You can force stop all the apps in the background by pressing the home screen and tapping Close All.

Turn Transperncy Down

After the above brightness fixes, now try once to adjust the contrast of your device.

  • Open the Settings and then navigate and tap on Accessibility.
  • Now select the Display & Text Size from the options.
  • After that, enable the Reduce Transparency with the toggle switch.

Restore iPhone 13 Mini (DFU Mode)

If the firmware is creating an issue, then the best way to fix the problem is to restore your Apple device through iTunes and, before that, put your iPhone in DFU mode. To enable the DFU mode to connect iPhone with your computer, quickly press and release the Volume Up button, then repeat the same with the Volume down button. After that, hold the side button till the iPhone screen goes black. Then without releasing the side button, press and hold the Volume down button till iTunes recognize your device.

After the iTune deduct your iPhone, it will automatically show if your device has an issue with a notification. In the notification, you will get an option to Update or Restore the device. If any update is available, then update the iPhone first, or you can restore the iPhone and then check the issue is resolved or not.

Apple Care

After applying all the above fixes and still your iPhone 13 Mini screen is flickering, we suggest you visit or call Apple care for further assistance. As the device is new and still in warranty, your device will be repaired or replaced absolutely free.

Here is all software-related fix for how to fix iPhone 13 Mini screen flickering issue. We hope this guide will help you to fix the problem. For more tech updates, including the latest information, bookmark us in your browser. If you like the blog, then share your feedback in the comment box.

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