Fix: iPhone 13 Mini CarPlay Not Working

If you use the iPhone to communicate or other features while driving the car, you must hear the Apple CarPlay. Usually, people use Android auto, but for Apple iPhone is known as CarPlay. The features are common as Android Auto, and for iPhone users, it provides playing music, Communicates, Navigation, etc. But some iPhone 13 Mini users based on iOS 15 have reported that the CarPlay is not working properly.

Apple recently launched its latest iPhone 13 series in the market with the latest features and upgraded camera. However, iPhone 13 series is another flagship from Apple. Still, the issue is that reports sometimes the screen goes blank and suddenly stops working automatically, and sometimes the iPhone 13 cannot deduct any Carplay device. The issue comes after the latest iOS update. Here we know how to fix iPhone 13 Mini CarPlay not working.

Fix iPhone 13 Mini CarPlay Not Working

Fix: iPhone 13 Mini CarPlay Not Working.

Carplay works smoothly on iOS 7.1 and above, but recently users are facing no connectivity issue with their iPhone Mini and CarPlay on iOS 15. However, it is easy to connect your iPhone with CarPlay, and with the help of SIRI, you can operate many tasks with your voice command. Here are few basic fixes before moving to the app or Phone’s settings, like checking the Siri is turned on or not. Siri is to allowed to use the CarPlay even if your iPhone is locked. To allow the process, here are the steps.

  • Open Settings of the iPhone 13 mini and then click on General.
  • Then scroll down to the CarPlay and then select Your Car.
  • Then tap on Allow CarPlay While Locked.

Moreover, CarPlay is not supported in all regions. Check whether it’s allowed and work on your location. Also, allow all the restrictions from your device. To enable the restriction, here are the steps.

  • Open Settings of the iPhone 13 Mini and then go to Screen Time.
  • After that, tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Next, tap on Allowed apps and then check CarPlay is also is in the app list.

Method 1: Refresh the Airplane Mode in iPhone 13 Mini

  • Open Settings of the iPhone 13 mini and then click on Airplane Mode.
  • Now turn on the Airplane Mode and wait for 10-15 seconds and then restart the iPhone.
  • After the reboot of your device, disable the Airplane mode from the notification panel or settings section.
    Fix: iPhone 13 Mini CarPlay Not Working
  • Now connect your device with CarPlay. You can also restart once the CarPlay by pressing of Power Knob.

Method 2: Reset Setting To Fix CarPlay

  • Open Settings of the iPhone 13 mini and then click on General.
  • Now scroll down and click on Transfer or Reset Phone.
  • Next, tap on Reset on your iPhone and then Reset All Settings.
    Fix: iPhone 13 Mini CarPlay Not Working
  • Enter your device’s passcode and then tap on Reset All setting for confirmation.
  • The iPhone 13 mini will boot up again. Now set up Siri and check the CarPlay is working or not.

Method 3: Check for Stable Update

The devs of Apple is also working on these types of issue, and soon they provide a new update to resolve minor and major issues including connectivity issues. You may check if there’s any update available for your iPhone 13 mini from the below steps.

  • Open Settings of the iPhone 13 mini and then click on General.
  • Now tap on Software Update and then download and install the available update.
  • It may take some time, and after completion, it will ask for your device’s passcode.
  • Not set up again iPhone and CarPlay and check the issue is resolved or not.

Method 4: Connect CarPlay to iPhone 13 Mini Via USB Cable

There are two ways to connect iPhone 13 mini to CarPlay. The first is with wire(USB Cable), and the next is wireless. For the wired connection, we have to connect the iPhone 13 mini with the USB cable. First, plugin the certified USB cable as the unauthorized may not support accessories. After that, you can try to play music through CarPlay. If still, it is not working, then try to change the USB port. Also, you can use another USB cable to check the connectivity issue with iPhone and CarPlay.


Here are the methods to fix iPhone 13 mini CarPlay not working. The above methods will fix the software bugs in your devices. If you still are not able to connect your devices, then it may have any hardware-related issues. Try to connect with other devices to check whether it’s working or not. Lets us know which of the above methods works for you to fix CarPlay for iPhone 13 Mini in the comment box.

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