Is EA Sports UFC 5 Coming to PC?

Want to know if EA Sports UFC 5 is coming to PC? The newest MMA fighting game by Electronic Arts is the fifth installment in the EA Sports UFC series. Released on October 27 with a mature rating due to the realistic nature of the injury system, the game has received generally positive reviews according to Metacritic. However, the game has only been released for console devices, that is, the platforms of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. PC gamers are naturally wondering if they’ll get a taste of the mixed martial arts game too. In this guide, we will take you through whether EA Sports UFC 5 is coming to PC or not.

EA Sports UFC 5 has been reviewed as a satisfying fighting game that simulates real word fighting without the situation getting too gory. The balance between the real and the fictional is something that is hard to get right, but EA has flawlessly achieved it with the injury system in EA Sports UFC 5. The gameplay is exciting, with the gripping storyline in the career mode and the high stakes in the matches. There are over 64,000 thousand types of facial injuries in the game, that you will get a glimpse of as you progress through the game. However, if you have a PC, it’s a question of whether the game will be available to you, so let’s find out.

Can You Play EA Sports UFC 5 on PC?

Is EA Sports UFC 5 Coming to PC

With the new release, a lot of features have been introduced to the fighting game. EA Sports UFC 5 will have an Online Career Mode, which many players are excited about. You will be able to take a fighter into an online competition and earn evolution points so that you can work on their skills.

While the reviews have been full of praises, and console players are greatly enjoying the game, it’s unfortunate to learn that EA Sports UFC 5 will not have a PC version. Thus, to play the game, you will need to get a console such as PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S.

For players who are loyal to their PC, it’s a hard pill to swallow that platform exclusivity is a widely adopted practice in the gaming community – and some games will never be released for their platform of choice. The video game industry is often inclined to release a game only on certain platforms for a variety of reasons.

There can be lucrative financial incentives offered by the platform manufacturer which compels a creator to restrict the game’s reach. Also, with careful marketing considerations, they need to maximize the game’s exposure and impact, and address any potential technical limitations that may arise when porting the game to multiple platforms simultaneously. By sticking to one or a few platforms, a game creator can choose to work further on the game and enhance it, creating a more wholesome experience for the players.

EA Sports UFC 5 Release Date for PC

There is no EA Sports UFC 5 PC release date, as the game will not be released for PC. It is highly unlikely that it will be released in the future, as EA doesn’t usually create PC sports games. While the MMA fighting game has a variety of new features from the previous installments in the franchise, it is unfortunate that PC players will not be able to experience them.


That’s all for our guide on whether the game EA Sports UFC 5 will have a PC version. While it is disappointing that EA Sports UFC 5 will not be coming to PC, don’t lose hope. There are a lot of other games out there that you can try, but maybe not this particular mixed martial arts video game. Feel free to take a look through our other guides for more games to try.

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