Fix: JBL Flip Not Charging Problem

The JBL Flip (opens in a new tab) is an attractive and desirable Bluetooth speaker. If you flip it vertically, it stands upright, looking impressive. You can position it horizontally, resting on the rubber support. Besides answering and rejecting calls, it also allows you to switch between two different callers using a button press when you are using it as a hands-free speaker.

The JBL Flip has recently received complaints from users reporting they are facing problems with the JBL Flip. Yes, you heard it right. For some users, the JBL Flip is not charging. Well, regarding this, we are here to help you fix this problem in this guide. So, if you want to fix the JBL Flip not charging issue, make sure to perform these fixes.

JBL Flip


How To Fix Flip Not Charging Problem

There are some fixes available that you can use to resolve the Flip not charging problem. So, if you are facing this, make sure to check out the fixes mentioned below:

Fix 1: Reboot The Device

When your Flip doesn’t charge properly, it may be caused by some random bug that prevents your speaker from working properly, which results in this type of problem. A reboot of the JBL Flip seems to have fixed this issue for many users.

However, you do not need to reboot your speakers; we suggest you power cycle them, as that will break their working state and give them a fresh start. Hence, you might want to try this and see if it works.

Fix 2: Defective Batteries

When the battery is damaged, the speaker cannot also be charged. The problem can be fixed by replacing the battery if the battery is at fault. It would be recommended that you visit your nearest service center if you have any technical knowledge about batteries. 

Fix 3: Check If It Is Damaged

It has already been mentioned that Bluetooth speakers can easily be damaged; therefore, we need to be extra cautious when using these sets of speakers. Regardless, you should carefully inspect the JBL Flip and, if you find any cracks, dents, damage, etc., immediately contact a local service center. Sadly, we have often seen externally damaged speakers get damaged internally also due to external damage, which is extremely unfortunate.  

Fix 4: Factory Reset on JBL Flip

It is necessary to perform a factory reset or hard reset as the first step to troubleshooting. When the Bluetooth speaker’s data has been removed, it will revert to its default settings. To troubleshoot your JBL Flip, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the speaker to the charger and disconnect it. It will not be able to charge if it is disconnected.
  2. Make sure the speaker is plugged in. Turn it on by pressing the power button.
  3. During playback, hold volume + and press power. After 3 seconds, the speaker should restart.

Fix 5: Clear The Charging Port

Generally, it occurs when the JBL speaker is continually exposed to dirt or debris because it damages the internal components. With a dirty charging port, the speaker won’t work properly.

Blow into the speaker’s charging port until you remove any debris or dirt in it. We don’t recommend using a toothpick or any other sharp tool to remove dirt. 

Fix 6: Try Different Circuit Board

There could be some issue with the motherboard of your JBL speaker that prevents it from charging. In general, this occurs when water comes into contact with the JBL speaker.

Your system may need to be serviced if this is the issue, in which case you need to have it inspected. Then hover to a service center and have your JBL speaker fixed if you think it accidentally came into contact with water.

Fix 7: Use a Different Charger

It may be that your JBL speakers are not charging properly due to a problem with your charger. It is, therefore, necessary to try a different charger on the JBL Flip speaker before you determine whether the issue has been resolved.

Fix 8: Check The Cable

You might also be experiencing problems charging your JBL Flip speakers due to a cut or damaged cable.

The best course of action in this situation would be to thoroughly inspect your charging cable and if you discover any damage to the cable, make sure to replace the cable as this is the last resort. You will find that your JBL Flip will charge again once the cable is replaced.

Fix 9: Go To Service Center

As we have already mentioned, reaching out to the nearest service center will be the best choice for any type of issue you can’t fix on your own. Before that, however, we recommend raising a complaint on the JBL support page. Once that is done, visit the nearest service center to have it fixed. Nevertheless, if you’re lucky and your device is under warranty, you may be able to get it fixed for free.  

So, that’s how to fix if the JBL Flip is not charging. We hope that you find this guide helpful. However, comment below and let us know if you need more info regarding this topic. 

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