Fix: LG TV Has Sound But No Picture

So your LG is making a sound but not showing the picture. Well, the same has been reported by dozens of LG users. In fact, the issue is not just limited to LG TVs. Users from other brands including Samsung, Sony, and Insignia also share the same problem. This issue can stem from various causes, ranging from minor glitches to hardware faults. In this guide, I will share several effective techniques to get back the picture on your LG TV.

In most cases, an LG TV with sound but no picture can be fixed by applying the solutions from this post. You do not need to rush to call a technician unless you want to pay happily without making a little effort. This could save your pocket as the cost of repairing a TV is usually high.

LG TV has sound but no picture

Before diving straight into the solutions, take a few minutes to understand the problem by reading the reasons below. It will help you in effective troubleshooting.

Reasons Why Your LG TV Has Sound But No Picture

  • Software glitches: Your LG TV is showing no picture could be a result of software bugs or glitches. Performing a soft reset can do the trick in this case.
  • Wrong input source is selected: If you can hear sound when pressing remote buttons but no picture, probably a wrong input source is selected. You must switch among the available input source options until you get a picture.
  • Loose HDMI connection: A loose HDMI connection could be triggering the no picture problem on your LG TV. Unplug the cable and plug it firmly into your TV and the HDMI device.
  • Faulty HDMI cable: The HDMI cable could be damaged, resulting in improper or no signal flow at all. The issue could also be triggered when using a low-quality cable.
  • Backlight issue: Smart TVs often run into backlight problems, where the screen gets so dim that it looks as if the device has no picture. You need to check if your LG TV has a backlight issue by pointing a flashlight at your TV screen.
  • Hardware malfunction: Your LG TV may have some hardware malfunctions resulting in a black screen.

So, these are some common reasons why your LG TV has sound but no picture. Now, it’s time to test the troubleshooting methods.

LG TV Has Sound But No Picture? Here’s How to Fix It

Try these solutions one by one until you get a picture on your LG TV. Happy troubleshooting!

1. Perform a Soft Reset

If the black screen on your LG TV is caused by software glitches, soft resetting the device can resolve the problem. It’s one of the easiest ways to get the picture back on your TV.

Unplug your TV from the wall outlet and wait for a minute. Please don’t be impatient here. Wait for a full minute and then press and hold the power button on your TV for 30 seconds. Doing this will drain any residual power left in your TV.

Now, plug in your LG TV again and the picture should be displayed. Soft resetting a TV is much more effective than a normal reboot. Although this method has done wonders, the success rate is not 100%. So, if you’re still seeing the black screen, try other solutions as well.

2. Change the Input Source

Fixing the black screen issue on your LG TV could be as simple as changing the input source. If you have switched to a different mode of streaming but haven’t changed the input source, your TV will show you a black screen. Or, someone may have accidentally changed the input source.

Press the “Source” (or “Input”) button on your TV remote and switch among the available options until you see a picture.

3. Check the HDMI Connection

If changing the input source did not work, check if something is wrong with your HDMI connection.

If an HDMI device is connected to your LG TV, make sure the cable is securely attached to both devices. A loose connection could restrict the proper flow of electrical signals, resulting in a black screen. Remove the HDMI cable and connect it again (but with a slight push time).

If the HDMI cable is securely connected but still your TV is showing a black screen, check which HDMI input port you’re using and make sure the same input source is selected.

If everything seems fine but getting no picture, I would recommend switching to a different HDMI input. Most LG TVs come with multiple HDMI ports to connect multiple devices. Connect the HDMI cable to a different HDMI port on your TV and don’t forget to change the input source.

If you had no luck, probably the HDMI cable is damaged. Get a new high-quality HDMI cable and check if it resolves the black screen problem.

4. Check for Backlight Issues

When the backlight gets defective, the screen becomes so dark that it looks as if the screen is turned off. For those uninitiated, backlight refers to the light source that illuminates the pixels, which then becomes clearly visible to your eyes. The backlight is located behind the screen.

To check for backlight issues on your TV, grab a flashlight and point it at your television screen. You can also use your phone’s flashlight for this purpose. While pointing the flashlight, carefully look at your TV screen. If you can see a very dim image on the TV, the backlight issue must be fixed. I would suggest turning off all the lights to better check the backlight issue.

Fixing the backlight issue requires disassembling your TV which can void the warranty. So, if the product is under warranty, I would suggest contacting LG to get it repaired.

5. Your TV Screen Is Damaged

If you have tried the above solutions but to no avail, probably several components responsible for displaying the picture such as the motherboard, T-Con board, or the ribbon cables could be damaged. Or, the display panel itself could be damaged. At this stage, it’s difficult to predict which component is responsible for the black screen issue until you fully check the device.

Again, if the device is under warranty, you better contact LG to get it repaired. Or, call a certified TV technician to get your device checked.


When you are all set to enjoy your favorite TV show or movie but realize that the TV has sound but no picture, I know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, there are many ways to resolve the problem, which I have detailed in this guide. I strongly believe one of the solutions will work out in your favor. So, without wasting time, try them and get the picture back on your LG TV.

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