List of All Known Bugs, Issues, and Their Fixes: Grounded

Grounded is one of the survival games that’s developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. It has been released in July 2020 and currently, is in early access mode. The game is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One platforms. To be very specific, each and every early access or beta version game comes with plenty of bugs, errors, stability issues, and more. Grounded is no exception here and it has a lot of bugs. Here in this article, we’ll gonna share with you a List of All Known Bugs, Issues, and Their Fixes: Grounded.

As there are a couple of weeks or months left before the game releases in its full potential and it’s also necessary for the developers to grab all the common or major issues perfectly. But it also considers plenty of bugs and errors in the game for the early access players. Here we’ve listed all the issues, errors, bugs, etc with possible troubleshooting below.

List of All Known Bugs, Issues, and Their Fixes: Grounded

List of All Known Bugs, Issues, and Their Fixes: Grounded

Make sure that most of the issues or bugs are taken from the official Obisidan Entertainment forums and reports. Although we’ve tried to suggest possible workarounds, you can try out other steps if you want.

1. No Translations

Grounded has no translations option as of now except for the English language.

Fix: As the game is in early access mode, we can expect that developers will definitely include multiple languages.

2. Issues with Game Saves (Settings)

Plenty of players have reported that the game settings can’t be saved whenever they exit and launch the game again. This means players have to re-check adjusted settings, again and again, every time they launch the game.

Fix: This can be fixed by developers in the future.

3. Voice Control is always enabled

Players are reporting that the voice control feature is always turned on automatically.

Fix: It means you have to manually turn off this option by selecting ‘Never’ mode.

4. Game Crashes (AMD Radeon R Series)

It’s one of the most common issues for gamers and Grounded is no exception here. However, particularly the AMD Radeon R series GPU card users are facing the issue mostly while launching the game. It can be also related to DirectX 12 problem.

Fix: There is no confirmed fix available yet.

5. Main Menu Welcome Screen Issue (Xbox)

Mostly the Xbox users can’t progress from the welcome screen of the main menu of the Grounded game.

Fix: Developers are working on it.

6. Sound Distortion

Some of the players are experiencing static or distortion in the game audio for character voice or usual gameplay.

Fix: Affected players can re-logging into the game to fix the issue most probably.

7. In-game Timing Stops

Players are also encountering issues with the in-game time progress. That means the day & night mode doesn’t work which also affects the gameplay or progression.

Fix: Although there is no permanent fix available yet, players can completely close the game and restart it.

8. Specific Items getting Recycled

Some of the players are reporting that specific items like grass plank palettes, weed stem palettes, dew collectors, etc are getting recycled. Therefore the game tends to crash mostly.

Fix: No fix available yet.

9. Interacting while Cooking Issue

During cooking in the gameplay, if players click on any blank area or double-clicks on an item, the game starts crashing most of the time.

Fix: There is no possible solution available yet.

10. Respawn Issue

Respawning of your character at a lean, dying, etc can cause issues with it. To be very specific, your character gets trapped underneath the World and there is no exit point.

Fix: Players can relaunch the game to fix it mostly.

11. Creating and Viewing a custom trail marker crashes

Some of the affected players have reported that creating a custom trail marker, opening the map, center the map on a new trail marker just crashes the game.

Fix: No fix is there.

12. Can’t Join or Start Multiplayer

It’s one of the most common multiplayer issues that players can’t join the game properly. The same issue is appearing on all the platforms like Windows, Xbox One, Steam. It prevents to start online gameplay with friends or other players.

Fix: Those who’re getting this issue can try to join multiplayer mode repeatedly for multiple times.

13. Joined and Left Multiplayer, Cause Missing Items in Inventory

So, it seems that if a player has previously joined in a multiplayer lobby and then leaves it, some of the items can go missing from the inventory. It can be considered as one of the common and Known Bugs of Grounded.

Fix: So, if you’re also one of them, try logging back the game properly and check for the issue.

14. BURG.L can Disappear or Lab Doors Locked

After speaking to BURG.L in the game and leaving the Oak Tree Lab reports that the lab doors are getting locked which is pretty weird. While some of the players are reporting that BURG.L is disappearing from the game.

Fix: As the game freezes after this, affected players may need to restart the game.

15. Automatically Inventory Item gets missing

Some of the players have mentioned that their full inventory gets missing that simply loses the progression and several issues.

Fix: Currently, there is no fix.

16. Stuck in Harvested Webs

It’s also worth mentioning that players can be stuck in harvested webs for permanently for no reason and there is no way to come out.

Fix: To fix this issue, make sure to respawn your character by dying from your friend or hostile bug or even using the ‘Give Up’ option on the menu. Additionally, players can also re-log into the game entirely.

17. Spiders can Spawn players in base camp

A couple of players have reported that there are another Known Bugs of Grounded if a spider enters into player’s base camp then spider can repeatedly kill that player once they spawn in cycle format.

Fix: No fix available yet.

18. Arrival of a huge amount of Larva

Whether it’s a bug or not, players are reporting that a huge amount of Larva arrives in the game that covers the area mostly and looks weird.

Fix: Developers are working on it.

19. Trail Markers turn off automatically

The trail markers can turn off automatically, reported by multiple players. So, players need to turn them on manually.

Fix: There is no possible workaround available right now.

20. Ants are stealing food from players & storage bins

Surprisingly, ants in this game can easily steal plenty of foods in quick time from both players and storage bins even from a distance. Frustrating and funny too.

Fix: As of now, there is no fix available.

21. Mushroom Garden and Roasting Spit not working

Some of the players have started reporting that the mushroom garden and roasting spit suddenly stops working. That means mushrooms are not growing and characters can’t cook food from it.

Fix: No fix is there.

22. Insects are walking via walls

This is one of the Known Bugs of Grounded. A couple of players have reported that insects are walking via walls very easily and get up to the building floors.

Fix: Players may have to wait further for a patch fix.

23. Grounded Crashes or Freezes on the Login screen

While players are trying to get into the login screen in the game using Microsoft Account or Xbox Live account, the game starts crashing or it freezes mostly.

Fix: Though there is no official fix available yet, PC players can run the game as an administrator and whitelist the game files on Antivirus or Firewall program.

24. Steam players are facing log-in issues

Once Steam players incorrectly trying to log into the game using Microsoft or Xbox Live credentials, can’t try again to login correctly. It’s a serious bug and needs to be fixed as early as possible.

Fix: As of now, players can log out of the game, uninstall the game, turn off Steam Cloud, and reinstalling the game.

25. Log in prompt not appearing

Some players can’t get the login prompt by the game system automatically to sign in to use the Microsoft account or Xbox Live account.

Fix: No known solution available yet.

26. Steam users on Windows 7 can’t log in (Fixed)

As Windows 7 is officially discontinued from Microsoft, maybe Grounded developers are focusing on the compatibility with Windows 10 version only. Steam players literally can’t log into the game on Windows 7 and obviously can’t even play.

Fix: Luckily, Grounded developers have officially fixed this issue by pushing a first-ever patch update to the game on July 31, 2020. That means Windows 7 users are still in the game.

That’s it, guys. We assume that you’ve found the full list of Known Bugs of the Grounded game article very useful. For more queries, you can comment below.

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