Fix: macOS Sonama Wallpaper Not Downloading

macOS Sonama brings stunning wallpapers and screen savers, new features, and lots of improvements. It’s always exciting to refresh your wallpaper collection; therefore, you’d also be looking to download the new MacOS Sonama wallpapers. But, users are having issues downloading the macOS Sonama wallpapers. If you happen to be one of them, worry not. You should be able to sort the problem by applying the solutions from this guide.

macOS original wallpapers are high-quality and large. To download them, you require a fast and stable internet connection. So, the first thing to check is your internet connection. You’d also want to restart your computer to fix system glitches that could be causing the download issue.

macOS Sonama Wallpaper Not Downloading

We have curated a list of potential troubleshooting ways to fix the macOS Sonama wallpaper not downloading issue. Test them out one by one to see which one does the trick for you. To make things easier for you, we have shared download links for several wallpapers, which you can download directly.

macOS Sonama Wallpaper Not Downloading? Here’s How to Fix It

One of the solutions mentioned below should fix the issue.

1. Restart Your Mac

Your Mac is not downloading wallpapers, probably because of software bugs or network glitches. Fixing them is as simple as restarting your device. It should resolve all minor software bugs and will establish the internet connection again.

To restart your Mac, select the Restart option from the Apple menu. Connect the internet again and start downloading new wallpapers.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

If you have restarted your Mac but to no avail, check if your internet connection has issues.

macOS Sonama wallpapers are of high resolution, so you may be required to download large files. If your connection is slow or drops frequently, the files will download slowly (or may fail at all). Hence, you must ensure fast internet before adding the wallpapers to the download queue.

Run a speed test via and analyze the result. If the connection is slow or unstable, reboot your router once. You can do it via the router’s settings or unplug the cable from the wall socket for a minute and then plug it in again.

3. Switch to a Different Network

Your internet service provider (ISP) may be facing issues, resulting in downloading issues on your macOS. Try switching to a different network to see if it fixes the issue.

If you do not have another Wi-Fi connection, use the Personal Hotspot feature on your iPhone.

4. Update Your Mac

macOS is still under testing. The beta version is being rolled out to developers for testing purposes. You may already know that beta builds are prone to bugs and issues.

The wallpaper download issue is probably caused by a software bug, which needs to be fixed by the developers. If the above solutions do not help, the possibility is high. Instead of playing with settings, I recommend waiting for the next beta update.

You do not have to wait for the next beta release to test the new wallpapers. Grab them now using the download links in the next solution.

5. Download Wallpapers From Other Sources

Although it’s not a fix, we have mentioned it here as an alternate method to grab the latest wallpapers. Download and use them to refresh your Mac experience.

Grab the wallpapers and refresh your Mac experience.

macOS Sonama: Highlights

Apart from beautiful wallpapers and screen savers, there are a lot of exciting features and improvements macOS Sonama brings. There’s a new widget gallery that you can use to add widgets to the desktop, such as weather, clock, play a podcast, turn off the lights, and more. You can even add iPhone widgets to your Mac without installing an additional app.

Apple improves video conferencing to keep the spotlight on you (when the large overlay is chosen). During a video call, you can also place yourself in a small moveable bubble to showcase your work.

Safari gets even better with macOS Sonama. The latest macOS update lets you create separate profiles. So, you can have one for personal and one for office work. Safari will allow you to turn your favorite websites into an app-like experience. Instead of opening in a browser tab, these web apps will open like an app on your Mac.

If you play games on your Mac, you’ll appreciate the new Game Mode. Your Mac will give high priority to the CPU and GPU while gaming. You can expect a smooth gaming experience and a consistent frame rate. The new Game Mode will also lower the audio latency when using AirPods.

Improvements have also been made to messages, typing experience, accessibility, and the Notes app. Read more about macOS Sonama here.

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