How to Make Grilled Eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the Disney Dreamlight Valley, players have to get rid of “Night Thorns” by using the magic of the items they collect while moving around the valley. The players can prepare food in the game in the cooking station such as an oven or campfire or in the crafting stations, they can create materials or furniture with the help of other resources.

Food can be consumed to restore energy which is necessary to use magic-infused equipment such as a pickaxe, a shovel, a fishing pole, and a watering can. The meals can restore more energy than foods found in the valley and can make the player “well-fed,” which increases their movement speed.

One of the dishes you can prepare is Grilled Eel. Through this guide, we will help you in making Grilled Eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Keep on reading this guide to know about it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where You Will Get Eels in the Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Before you start preparing the meal, you should know that in the game, the Fish is known as the Eel. Thus you are going to prepare “Grilled Fish” which is also known as “Grilled Eel”. The only ingredient you should have to prepare this dish is the Eel. You will have to search for the Eel.

When you are going to start searching for the Eel, make sure that you have a fishing rod. If you have not unlocked the fishing rod, then first of all unlock it.


For unlocking the fishing rod, you will need to hunt the Goofy and unlock the “Fishing Expedition” quest. Once you get this quest, the fishing rod will be unlocked.

After that, you will need to unlock the beach to find the Eel. Once you get to the beach, find the golden bubbles. Simply you need to keep fishing in those spots until you find the Eel. If you are unable to find the Eel or facing problems in finding them, then don’t worry because they are very rare.

How To Catch an Eel in the Disney Dreamlight Valley?

You can’t catch an Eel with only the fishing rod. To get the fish in your Fishing rod, you need to make some food to trap. To make the trap, you will have to collect Softwood and worms. Once you finish making the traps, go towards the beach and put the trap in the water. Now, try finding the golden bubbles and that’s how you will be able to catch the Eel in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Prepare Grilled Eel in the Disney Dreamlight Valley?

When you catch an Eel with the help of the instructions given above, then you will have to take it to the cooking spot. After reaching the cooking spot, you will have to grill the Eel.


Grilled Eel can help in restoring a good amount of energy in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can catch the Eel from Dazzle beach and grill it at any cooking spot. We hope that this guide has helped you. If you have any doubts then do let us know in the comment section below.

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