Fix: Marshall Emberton Won’t Charge Problem

If your Marshall Emberton speaker ceases to charge, it could be software or hardware issues. Software issues might be caused by bugs, while hardware issues could happen by a low-voltage lithium-ion battery, a faulty micro USB cable, or a broken solder joint on the USB charging socket. Before you get rid of your Marshall Emberton speaker, why not attempt to fix it? Fortunately, these types of issues can usually be easily repaired. This article offers guidance on how to fix Marshall Emberton Won’t Charge Problem.

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Fix: Marshall Emberton Won’t Charge Problem

Ways to fix Marshall Emberton Won’t Charge Problem.

To repair a Bluetooth speaker that is not charging, one must install software updates, replace the battery, acquire a new cable, fix a broken solder joint, substitute the charging port, and change the charging circuit. Let us begin to diagnose and resolve the issue of your Marshall Emberton Won’t Charge Problem.

1. Install Software Updates

If you are having trouble charging your Bluetooth speaker, software bugs may impede its charging capabilities. To prevent this, install the latest software updates to ensure your device is up-to-date.

2. Reset the speaker

You also can reset your Marshall Emberton wireless speaker. For that, start by pressing and holding the multi-function button until the LED turns orange and the Bluetooth light starts flashing. Then, press the multi-function button to turn the speakers off. Finally, press and hold the multi-function button until the LED turns blue and the Bluetooth light stops flashing. This should reset your Marshall Emberton wireless speakers.

A hardware issue will likely disrupt charging if the problem persists despite this measure.

3. Replace The Battery to fix Marshall Emberton Won’t Charge Problem

As time passes, the effectiveness of batteries in electronic devices dwindles, and their operating time is reduced. This is also the case for the lithium-ion batteries found in Bluetooth speakers. It will affect the charging of your speaker, leaving you with two options: replacing the speaker entirely or just the batteries. If the batteries have been worn out, replacing them is a more cost-effective solution.
1. Make sure your Marshall Emberton Wireless Speakers are powered off and unplugged.
2. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to unscrew the four screws on the speaker’s bottom.
3. Gently lift the bottom panel off the speaker.
4. Locate the battery compartment and remove any screws or clips holding it in place.
5. Carefully remove the old battery and insert the new one.
6. Replace the battery compartment and any screws or clips that were removed.
7. Replace the bottom panel and screw it back on.
8. Plug the Marshall Emberton Wireless Speakers back in and power them on.

4. Buy a New Micro USB Cable

Before opening your speaker to troubleshoot any potential issues, you should first check if it is a cable issue. To do this, try using the same charging cable to charge your smartphone. If it can charge the phone, the problem lies with the Bluetooth device. However, if the cable cannot charge the phone, it is likely that the cable is faulty and needs to be replaced. This will ensure that your speaker can charge correctly.

If you notice any signs of wear and tear on the connector plating of your micro USB cable, such as chipping, this indicates that the cable is no longer usable.

5. Repair a Crack Solder Joint

Another way to troubleshoot Marshall Emberton Won’t Charge Problem is to open it up and check if the USB charging socket is loose. This could indicate that the solder joint is broken or cracked and would require re-soldering to fix the issue.

Once you have unscrewed any hidden screws and removed any anti-slip stickers, plugs, or sound grill, you will have access. Utilize a magnifying glass to identify any poor solder joints. If your Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, make sure not to damage any seals.

Using a portable soldering iron, heat the cracked solder until it melts. To ensure successful results, ensure the soldering iron tip is clean and use fresh solder.
Once the re-soldering of the positive and negative terminals has been finished, verify that the charging circuit is functional before sealing the device.

6. Replace The Charging Port to fix Marshall Emberton Won’t Charge Problem

1. Turn off the speaker and unplug any cables from the charging port.
2. Remove the screws from the back of the speaker that hold the back panel in place.
3. Carefully remove the back panel and locate the charging port.
4. Unplug the charging port from the board and remove it from the speaker.
5. Install the new charging port in the same position as the old one, ensuring the pins line up correctly.
6. Plug the new charging port into the board.
7. Replace the back panel and screws and turn the speaker back on. The new charging port should be functional now.

7. Replace the Charging Circuit

Replacing the charging circuit of the Marshall Emberton speaker is not a straightforward process. So, please take it to experienced technicians. If you are not comfortable attempting this repair yourself, it is highly recommended that you contact Marshall’s customer service team for assistance.

To begin, you will need to remove the speaker’s back panel to access the charging circuit. Once the back panel is removed, you can disconnect and remove the old charging circuit from the speaker. You will then need to install the new charging circuit in its place, reconnect the wires, and ensure that the connections are secure. Finally, you will need to reattach the back panel and test the new charging circuit to ensure that it is working properly.

So, that’s all for today. For more troubleshooting guides, follow GetDroidTips!


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