How To Fix If Maytag Washer Is Loud During Spin Cycle?

Are you irritated with your Maytag washer making loud, unsettling noise during the Spin cycle?

Maytag washers are popular for their high-quality performance and durability. Maytag has established itself as a known brand for ‘Washers’ by excelling in convenience, performance, and, more importantly, user control. However, lately, some Maytag Washer users are complaining that their appliance is making loud, disruptive noises during the Spin cycle. This annoying noise disturbs your smooth washing experience, so join us for a quick and easy solution.

In this article, we will explore all the possible reasons leading to Maytag Washer making noises during the Spin cycle. Further, we will present a comprehensive guide combining simple DIY solutions to troubleshoot potential mechanical issues. The article focuses on providing clear and easy-to-follow instructions so that even if you aren’t well-versed with washing machines’ hardware, understanding the problems (and sometimes resolving them) will become easy for you.

Join us and say goodbye to spin cycle disturbances when using your Maytag Washer.

Maytag Washer

Reasons “Why Maytag Washer is Loud during Spin Cycle”

  •       The Washer is Overloaded with laundry.
  •       Possibility of a defect in Motor Coupling or Tube Bearing
  •       Damaged Clutch Assembly.
  •       Clogged Drain Pipe.
  •       Worn-out Drive Pully
  •       Uneven Load Distribution

NOTE: The Fixes and Quick DIYs below are applicable for most Maytag washer models including A101, A102, A102S, A103, A103S, A104, LAT9416AAE, MAH3000AWW, MAH4000AWW, MAH5500BWW, MAH8700AWW, MAV6200AWW, MAV7600AWW, MHWE200XW00, MVWC300VW1, and MVWC415EW2

All about Fixing the “Maytag Washer is loud during Spin Cycle” issue

Quick DIY Solutions

Before checking hardware/ mechanical issues, we suggest you try these Quick DIY Solutions. Sometimes, your Maytag Washer may make noise due to the most basic reasons we often ignore. For instance:

DIY Solutions 1: Check your Maytag washer for improper laundry load. Maytag and any washing machine make weird noises during the Spin cycle if the washer is either overloaded or not loaded correctly. Especially if the Spin tub has both light and heavy laundry together, the tub tends to spin out of balance and make weird destructive sounds. To resolve this issue, unplug your Maytag washer, open it, and even remove the load. If the appliance is overloaded, remove a few clothes and start the cycle. Or, if the appliance is not overloaded and still making noise, remove the entire laundry and add the ones of the same weight again.

Washing items of the same weight together is often advisable to avoid such issues. While washing/ spinning heavy and light laundry together, the heavy laundry often shifts to one side, causing the tub to lose balance and make loud noises.

Or, at times, washers tend to make loud noise during the Spin cycle if the loudness is too low. In such a case, add more laundry to increase the load.

DIY Solution 2: Check if your Maytag washer is kept on an uneven level. While doing laundry, it is important to ensure the washer stands firmly on a solid floor.

You may also need to check if the bottom of the tub is rubbing against the drain pan. With certain Maytag washers, the tub tends to scrape against the pan underneath, making odd noises during heavy loads. To resolve this, level the legs of the washer.

DIY Solution 3: Check if there are extra items like coins, nails, paperclips, hairpins, wires, or buttons stuck in your washer. While one or two of them may not cause destructive noise, a lot of them (accidentally falling out of your pocket) may result in the same. Not just noise, this may even affect the functioning of your washer.

DIY Solution 4: If you are using a new washer, make sure the shipping bolts and packing material is removed completely. Shipping Bolts are basically the object used for securing wash baskets. When they aren’t removed before use, they tend to make serious vibrations and noise and may even lead to permanent damage to the machine.

FIXES for Potential Mechanical Issues

If none of the above DIY Solutions are helpful in your case, try these fixes for help. However, if you aren’t well versed in handling the hardware of Washing Machines, let a technician help you with the same.

FIX 1: Check the Defective Tub Bearing

If your “Maytag Washer Is Loud During Spin Cycle”, probably there’s a defect in your machine’s Tub Bearing.

The Tub Bearing in Maytag Washers is situated at the middle of the outer tub. It aids in facilitating smooth rotation of the inner tub. A loud noise emanating from the washer is an indication that the Tub Bearing is defective. This can be a result of metal components rubbing against each other. This issue frequently causes washers to make disruptive sounds during the spin cycle, especially after prolonged use.

The only solution here is replacing the tub bearing. It is advisable to replace the outer tub and bearing (if the components were offered together by the manufacturer originally).

However, changing the Tub Bearing can be challenging for many users; thus, we advise you to call a technician, preferably take service from Maytag professionals.

FIX 2: Check the Suspension Components for defects and replace them if necessary

Maytag Washers (of specific type and age) use various suspension components to support the tub or drum during operation. It is possible that if your Maytag Washer is making loud noises during Spin Cycle, its Suspension components are defective.

Front-load Maytag washers rely on two suspension springs at the top and shock absorbers at the bottom to support the drum. Meanwhile, top-load Maytag washers feature snubber rings or pads for bottom support. Some older models may even have springs securing the tub to the bottom. Whereas the newer top-load models typically feature suspension rods down the sides of the cabinet, with some having suspension straps between the tub and the cabinet side.

For diagnosing suspension issues, all you need to do is remove the top and front panels and inspect them. Listen carefully to the noise to identify the failing component. If you notice any vibrations, it indicates broken springs or suspension rods. Simply remove the panels for easier diagnosis and replace the defective parts if necessary.

FIX 3: Check if Motor Coupler is Defective

A Defective Motor Coupler in your Maytag Washers can be a reason why you are noticing loud sounds and vibrations during the Spin cycle. The Motor Coupler is a component that connects the drive motor and the direct-drive transmission. Its role is to provide protection to the motor from any kind of damage. The Motor Coupler basically acts as a buffer between the motor and the transmission.

The Motor Coupler often gets damaged when the washer is overloaded. Or this component can also wear out over time, leading to cause loud sound during washing and spin cycles. Despite it being damaged, Motor Coupler allows the washer to function, but to eliminate the noise and prevent any further damage, it is crucial to replace it soon.

For replacing the Motor Coupler of your Maytag Washer, it is important to a professional technician. Repairing this component requires the necessary knowledge and experience, and if done wrongly at home, it may result in more complications, further damaging the washer. Therefore, it is best to seek help from a professional since they have the expertise and tools to replace the motor coupler safely and effectively.

FIX 4: Replace the Worn Out Drive Pully

A Drive Pully in the Maytag washer connects Drive Motor via a Belt, making the tub spin. It is responsible for allowing the tub to rotate during the spin cycle. However, over time, either due to prolonged use or overloading, the Drive Pully can get bent, damaged, or wear out. This, as a result, can make the Maytag Washer produce loud and strained noises, particularly during the spin cycle.

The solution here is to identify a worn-out drive pulley and replace it. If the pulley shows any signs of distress, such as bending, cracks, or obvious wear, it needs replacement then and there. You will need to get a Drive Pulley that matches your Maytag Washer’s model specifically.

To replace the worn-out Drive Pulley, remove the old pulley, now onto the motor shaft, attach the new pulley using appropriate bolts or screws, and complete it by reassembling the washer.

Individuals who encounter difficulties should seek professional help from technicians.

FIX 5: Replace the Damaged Clutch Assembly

A Damaged Clutch Assembly in your Maytag Washer can indeed cause loud noises just before and during the spin cycle. The Clutch Assembly plays a crucial role in connecting the washer’s transmission with the inner tub. It further allows the tub to spin at different speeds depending on the washing cycle.

However, with time, excessive stress and friction on the clutch assembly can lead to its deterioration and subsequent malfunction. A Damaged Clutch Assembly doesn’t engage in its job properly, leading to loud noise during the spin cycle.

To address this issue and eliminate the noise, simply replace the Damaged Clutch Assembly with a new one. You can ask a professional technician for help.

FIX 6: Check the Drain Pump for Clogging or Blockage

If your Maytag Washer is making loud noises/vibrations while draining, check if the Drain Pump is clogged. If yes, remove the Drain Pump, check it for any Clogging or Blockage, and clear the same.

Wrapping up…

Overall, there could be multiple basic and complex reasons leading to the Maytag Washer getting loud during Spin Cycle. We hope the reasons and possible solutions mentioned in the article above will help you get through the issue.

However, if the information mentioned above is of no help, we suggest you Contact the Maytag support center.

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