MicroSD card not detecting on my Honor 8x. How to fix it?

Fast internet is becoming more and more visible these days to one and all. It is because of no other reason than this, more and more people prefer to download the HD content in the phone. Although quality can be assured from the same, it probably consumes more storage space on the phone. This is where the need of more storage in the phone is felt and the same is possible with the help of a micro SD card. This post put some spotlight on microSD card not detecting on my Honor 8x and how to fix it. Check the relevant information below microSD card not detecting on my Honor 8x


MicroSD card not detecting on my Honor 8X

Solution- It is not always necessary that the problem is there just because of a specific reason only. There are certain factors that can contribute simply. You might have no idea but the functionality of an SD card gets affected easily. Sometimes the factors which are beyond the scope of one’s knowledge are responsible for this. Here is some useful information on microSD card not detecting on my Honor 8x and how to fix it.

SD card not getting detected in the phone

Solution- The solution to this problem is to make sure that the data present in the SD card is not set to hidden. There are certain chances that you face this problem because of o other reason than this simply. If the problem doesn’t get solved, restart the phone and try again

SD card showing damage error

Solution- This problem might be there due to a manufacturing defect or any other fault in the card. Try using a parallel SD card in your phone and check if the problem is solved. This problem might also be there due to not inserting the memory card properly in the phone. If problem still remains there, format your card and again insert it in the phone.

SD card not getting detected randomly ( MicroSD card not detecting on my Honor 8x)

Solution- Well, this is a clear indication of a fault in the card. Simply save your data and format it. Look for damage carefully on the card. Clean the same gently with a very soft piece of cloth and then insert it again in the phone. The problem might also be there due to a software issue in the phone. Try the following to figure this out and to solve it

  • Check if the SD card operates reliably in case the device is taken in the safe mode
  • Simply wipe cache partition of your Honor 8x
  • Try performing a hard reset on the phone and check if the problem is gone
  • If you find these methods doesn’t work for you, get the phone checked

Exclamation Mark on the photos stored in SD card

Solution- There are certain factors which can be held responsible for this. First try if you can solve the issue simply be restarting the phone. If this doesn’t work, check if the security/user’s policies of the phone/card are getting violated. This is also an indication that your microSD card is corrupt. Format the card and check if the problem can be solved

Well, there are certain other problems as well which you can face. Feel free to contact us anytime if you need more information on the subject MicroSD card not detecting on my Honor 8x and how it can be fixes

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  1. Hey, I’m having a strange problem. My Honor 8X gets stuck a loading screen. The honor animation screen. Due to that I’m not able to go to safe mode, shutdown my phone. It keeps restarting on it’s own. But as I remove my sd card it starts working fine. It’s just been a few months since I bought it. It was working fine till yesterday, even now its working smooth since I have removed my sd card. How to fix it?

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