How to Fix If Midjourney Image Weight Not Working

The Midjourney is an image generator tool which is known for the advanced software applications especially designed to assist the users in enhancing their images while creating the pictures. However, whether you are a professional photographer or simply an enthusiast, this software tool offers a large range of features and other functionalities to elevate your visual storytelling. But the main factor that makes Midjourney the excellent choice is its preciseness and image generation with high quality.

In addition, the Midjourney Image tool is also known for generating high-quality and accurate images based on your prompt. But, sometimes the results might disappoint you by generating something that you have not expected. But thanks to its advanced version of Midjourney and with this, you can command which prompts should carry the most magnitude to get what you want. In simple words, these prompts are termed the image weights that generally help you to generate the best and expected results from the Midjourney.

However, the image weights turn out to be a failure sometimes and it stops working anymore and it generates something else than expected. Well, don’t worry if you are experiencing an issue with your Midjourney Image tool on your device. In this guide, we will provide a few workarounds that definitely work for you and you will easily be able to solve the problem. So, let’s get into it.

How to Fix If Midjourney Image Weight Not Working

Fix Midjourney Image Weight Not Working Issue

If you are a Midjourney user then you must know the usefulness of the image weights parameter. However, if you encounter an issue with the Midjourney and the image weights not working, it could be frustrating for any users. But, don’t worry if you are having the same issue with your Midjourney. We have mentioned the best troubleshooting strategies which you can easily try to solve the issue with your Midjourney on your device. So, let’s check it out.

Fix 1: Make Sure to Enter Correct Prompt

If you are having an issue with the Midjourney’s image weights and it’s not working anymore, the first thing you should check is if your prompt is correct or not. However, if you make any typos during writing the prompt then it might cause the issue for the parameters to execute. For your information, the prompt in Midjourney follows an exclusive sequence that needs to be maintained well in order to generate the images in the accurate results that you are looking for.

In addition, while passing the prompt, make sure to start with the image URL that is followed by the text prompt. Plu, at the end of the URL, you need to add the image weights parameter and its value (–iw 1.5). Also, make sure to follow the correct sequence while typing the prompt and it should be working now.

Fix 2: Check Your Midjourney Version

If you are still having the issue with the Midjourney image weights and it’s not working after correcting the prompts pattern, you should try to check your Midjourney version as it is crucial to be on supported version. However, the Midjourney does not offer the image weights parameter for all its versions. Presently, it is available only for V3 and V5. Therefore, if you are trying to run it on Midjourney’s V4, it will not work anymore. You have to look at the version you are using to resolve the problem.

Additionally, if you are using an unsupported version of the Midjourney but eagerly want to implement the image weights parameter, then it is quite easy for you. You are easily able to change the Midjourney version from the inbuilt settings without having to install any software tool or something on your device. So, it’s a great way to change the version you want.

If you want to check your Midjourney version on your device by yourself, it is quite easy to access and change. Simply type “/Settings” on the prompt bar and submit it. Now the Midjourney’s discord bot will automatically provide the information regarding the version you are currently using. However, if you want to change the version you are currently using to either V3 or V5, you can easily do this by adding from the list and carrying on adding the Midjourney image weights parameter.

Fix 3: Verify the Range of Image Weight

If you are still experiencing an issue with the Midjourney image weights not working, the issue is because you are using the value out of the range. Make sure to verify the range of image weights before trying to do something. However, there are some potential points you should keep in mind while using the parameters.

Firstly, if you are using Midjourney’s version 3, you have to know that the image weights value may vary between – 10,000 to 10,000. Therefore, don’t use anything more or even less than it. Also, keep in mind that you can’t use the fraction or either decimal on this version.

In addition, if you are using Midjourney’s version 5, then it comes with a lot of limited range between 0.5 to 2. However, there is a plus point in the Midjourney’s V5. It has a support for fractions as well as decimals as values which allows opens a number of options for you.

Fix 4: Try Using a Single Image

Basically, using a single image on your Midjourney isn’t a fix though, but instead a general prompt recommendation. Although, Midjourney’s allows you to upload the two images in your prompt and you can only able to upload one image weight arguments. However, the same image weight arguments will be apply collectively to both images in connection to the text prompt.

Moreover, if you want both images to have their subjective weight relative to the text prompt then you’re out of luck. Well, several image weights arguments are not supported by Midjourney. However, the best way is to use a single image in your prompt and add weight to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we add image weight for multiple images in Midjourney?

Presently, the image weights can be added once only at a time. But, the same will be applicable to any and other images that you have in your prompt in connection to the text prompt.

What are default image weights in Midjourney?

In Midjourney version 5, the default image weights is 1 while in version 3, the default image weights are 0.25. And you are easily able to use them according to the version you have in your Midjourney.

Does Midjourney Version 4 have image weights parameter?

Unfortunately, No. Midjourney Version 4 doesn’t allow you to add the image weights parameter to your prompt. It means that the image in your prompt will have the same level of importance as the text prompt.

Final Words

As you can see, the Midjourney image weights not working issue is mainly caused by primary causes and it’s a common one. Therefore, the mentioned solutions help you to troubleshoot the problem you are facing with your Midjourney image tool, and you can easily resolve them. Make sure to follow the steps carefully. I hope you have found this guide helpful for you. If you have any other queries, let us know in the comments section below.

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