Minecraft Villager Not Restocking: What’s The Reason?

Are you encountering the issue of Minecraft Villager Not Restocking? Mojang Studios’ Minecraft is one of the most popular survival sandbox games out there. Released in 2011, the game has a blocky three dimensional world where players can explore the virtually infinite terrain. There are plenty of things to do in Minecraft, as you can live in a simulation of being stranded on an island. The survival aspects of the game involve making use of all the materials around you and crafting useful items. However, sometimes issues might arise in the game that you may be confused about. In this guide, we will take you through the issue of Minecraft Villager Not Restocking.

It’s quite easy to begin playing Minecraft even if you’re not sure what to do, or have never played a survival game before. The goal is simple: don’t die. As you explore the vast world, you will come across a wide variety of creatures – some of which are friendly. Others can and will kill you. One of the semi-friendly creatures are villagers, which are supposed to be human. You can come across them randomly, and they usually hang out together in the Village Biome. Sometimes, they might glitch out, so let’s find out what the reason is for Minecraft Villager Not Restocking.

Why is Minecraft Villager Not Restocking?

Minecraft Villager Not Restocking What’s The Reason

Minecraft might be easy to start out, but there are more features than meet the eye at first. When you come across Villagers for the first time, they might not seem like a very friendly bunch. However, they have a purpose which helps you as you progress through the game. Villagers in Minecraft are commonly found in all maps, and you can trade materials with them. You can trade some of the items that you don’t need, in exchange for more useful ones.

The trading feature in Minecraft is a useful one as it allows you to collect more items that you want and progress towards your goals quicker. All you need to do is find a villager who is willing to trade with you. This might be a long process as the villagers have pre-decided items on sale. You will need to look for a villager who has the items that you need, and they need to be in stock.

However, even if you find someone with the items that you want, the amount of items that you can trade is limited. As you trade more and more with them, they will begin to run out. Usually, you can wait for a while for them to recover and restock their inventory, and you will be able to trade with them again. If you are encountering the Minecraft Villager Not Restocking issue, here are some things to remember.

What is the reason for Minecraft Villager Not Restocking?

Minecraft Villager Not Restocking2

The first thing you should do is to make sure to wait out the day, because Villagers will restock their items only twice throughout the day. So, you need to walk away from them and kill some time, maybe kill a few zombies underground while you’re at it. It restocks only twice a day so that the game doesn’t become a piece of cake for you – or you would have too many useful items on your hands.

If your Villager doesn’t restock at the end of the day, or even the next morning, you might have a real problem on your hands. In the case of Minecraft Villager Not Restocking, the main reason that players face this issue is that your villagers don’t have a workplace block. This is a villager’s individual area where they set up shop and work. With the help of this block, they will be able to perform their restocks in a regular manner.

If you can see that your villager has been assigned to a block, make sure that they can access it too. If you have built something in its path, chances are, that the villager can’t get inside their own shop. In the case of the absence of a workplace block, you can build and place one down.

One tip is to ensure that villagers have enough space to work, and that they are not too close to each other. If villagers are too close to each other, they begin to gossip, and that’s not good for your business. If your villagers gossip, the trading prices will increase and your reputation in the village will go down. These negative effects can build up and cause you a lot of harm, so it’s better to just keep them away from each other. This might also fix your Minecraft Villager Not Restocking issue.

If the problem persists, you should try sleeping through the night so that the changes that you have made in the daytime take effect. After the sleep cycle is complete, your villagers should be restocking their items and allow you to trade.


We hope that this guide helped you fix your Minecraft Villager Not Restocking issue. Make sure to keep your villagers happy and safe, because a happy village will look forward to having you back. Of course, make sure you don’t hang around them at night when they sleep, in case they get attacked and killed by aggressive mobs. Now that you know how to fix the Minecraft Villager Not Restocking problem, you can try these steps on your game and see if it works.

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