What is Modern Warfare 3 ‘Packet Burst’ Error and How to Fix?

Many Call of Duty players have experienced Packet Burst Error in Modern Warfare 3 from time to time in recent seasons. There is a visual stutter that sometimes seems to target only one player in the lobby at a time. You’ve met the culprit if you’ve seen three stacked boxes of the same size on your left, perhaps with the words ‘packet burst’ in them. Do not worry about Packet Burst Error. We’re here to help. Here’s how we can get you back into gaming!

What is Modern Warfare 3 ‘Packet Burst’ Error and How to Fix?

What is packet burst in MW3?

It can cause lag and stutters while playing games due to packet bursts. However, it is possible that this error may affect only one player rather than the entire lobby in some instances. To fix the packet burst error in MW3, use one or more of the solutions below.

How To Fix the Packet Burst Error in Modern Warfare 3

When you turn off the On-Demand Texture Stream in MW3, the Packet Burst Error will be fixed. There are many players who recommend this method because it works for them. In most cases, however, this error occurs when the website’s servers are down.

To determine whether the problem is with your network or server, you can use the website packetlosstest. There is a high probability that your network has problems if the percentage is more than 0%. You can solve the Packet Burst Error in Modern Warfare 3 by using the following possible fixes.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Speed and Contact Your ISP

Using your phone, you can test your Wi-Fi speed. To find out the speed you are getting over Ethernet, you can use a PC connected to your router. So, to fix your internet problems, contact your ISP if your internet speed is slower than what you were promised.

Another way to test for packet loss is to do a speed test using the Ookla speed tester website. So, run the test and check the downloading and uploading speed. If you find that the speed is not good, then for sure you need to contact your ISP.

Fix 2: Repair the Game Files on the Blizzard Launcher

You may encounter this error if some important game files are not present or corrupted. With the Blizzard launcher, you can scan and fix the Packet Burst Error in the Modern Warfare 3 game. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Open Battle.net and log in.
  • Afterward, from the left vertical menu, select Call of Duty: MW3, then Options, and then Scan and Repair.
  • To begin repairing the game, click on Begin Scan. After the game has been repaired, you can restart it and see if the error “checking for updates Warzone” has been resolved.

Fix 3: Use an Ethernet cable

In MW3, packet burst errors are more likely to occur when you’re playing over Wi-Fi. It is not uncommon for Wi-Fi connections to experience interruptions in data transmission. So, whenever possible, use an Ethernet cable to connect your PC or console.

When there are no ongoing server issues affecting the game at that time, Ethernet provides smoother network data flow between the server and the player. To resolve the problem, if switching to an Ethernet cable isn’t possible, try turning your router off for a few minutes and then switching it back on.

Fix 4: Reconfigure Internet Settings on the Console

To fix this error, first reconfigure the internet settings on your console. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Start by shutting down Modern Warfare 3.
  • To ensure a fresh start, delete your console’s internet settings.
  • Ensure your router has rebooted fully by restarting it a few minutes later.
  • You will need to reconfigure the internet settings on the console once the router has restarted.
  • Test the game to see if you’ve been able to resolve the packet issue by logging back in.

Fix 5: Reboot the game

To resolve the packet burst issue, rebooting the MW3 beta is highly effective. You may be experiencing network issues on your PC or console after you do this, but they are likely to be resolved by refreshing your connection with the game servers.

Fix 6: Turn off On-Demand Texture Streaming

To enhance the visual quality of the game, use On-Demand Texture Streaming. It is possible, however, that activating this feature can cause packet bursts and lagging in-game. To turn it off, follow these steps:

  • On your controller, tap the Options button.
  • Go to Settings, then Graphics.
  • From there, select ‘On-Demand Texture Streaming’ and turn it off.

Fix 7: Turn off crossplay

It is recommended that console players disable crossplay, a feature that allows you to play MW3 with users on other platforms. PlayStation players who had been experiencing Packet Burst problems have previously found this step effective. As a result, Xbox users can also now access this option, which might be the solution to the MW3 issue.

Fix 8: Close Unnecessary Applications

If you are using a lot of internet bandwidth or running updates in the background, close the application. The majority of your internet bandwidth could also be used if you are streaming. If the issue persists, try lowering your stream quality or bitrate.

Fix 9: Increase Page File Size on PC

PC users who want to continue using the On-Demand Texture Streaming program might be able to resolve the packet burst problem by increasing the drive’s page file. Make sure the drive where you installed MW3 has at least 70GB available before you start! You can do it by following these steps.

  • First, to open the Settings app, press the Windows key + I.
  • Go to System, then About
  • Select Advanced System Settings from the menu.
  • Under Performance, select Settings under the Advanced tab.
  • Under Virtual Memory, select Change on the Advanced tab.
  • Thereafter, make sure that the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives checkbox is not checked.
  • From the list, select the drive where MW3 is installed.
  • Make the Initial size 32768 and Maximum size 65536 by clicking Custom size.

Fix 10: Contact Activision Support

In the case that you are having problems with the Packet Burst error in the MW3 beta despite the game servers running smoothly, we recommend contacting Activision support for assistance. You can request assistance from Activision Support by visiting their website, where you can find solutions to common problems and troubleshooting guides. In addition, live chat support, phone support, and email support are all available on the website.

So, that’s how you can easily fix the Packet Burst Error in Modern Warfare 3. It’s our hope that this guide has helped you. Feel free to comment below if you would like more information.

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