Mortal Shell Key Items Locations Guide

Mortal Shell is an action role-playing video game from Cold Symmetry, published by Playstack. The full release of the game isn’t out yet. Mortal Shells has its release date in late 2020 for the Epic Games Store and in 2021 for Steam. Moving into the game, there are a lot of key items that players can choose to locate in Mortal Shells. Each key item has its own unique ability, and understand them is vital.

Knowing these essential items, their abilities, and where to find them is vital for your progress. This will also help you make the right moves, guided by the information in this article. This article will run through all the critical items you will need and the abilities of these key items. So without any further ado, let’s look at the locations of the key items guide in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell Key Items Locations Guide

  1. Foul censer: this essential item will help you unlock the foul censor weapon skill on hammer and chisel
  2. Molten spike: Like the name, this item is used to unlock the molten spike weapon skill on the hallowed sword
  3. Petrified winter glass: this essential item will help you to unlock the petrified winter glass skill ability on the martyr’s blade
  4. Radiant winter glass: this item is used unlocked on the martyr’s blade for the Radiant Winterglass weapon ability
  5. Tarnished seal: located at the start of the fallgrim outskirts, this essential item can be used to interpret enemy attacks and parry the enemy.
  6. Forbidden offering: this key item helps increase the amount of resolve you can acquire from the tarnished steel
  7. Quenching acid: you’ll find this essential item at the Anvil and it is needed to upgrade a weapon’s strength and the potential damage the weapon can cause.
  8. Mechanical spike: this essential item adds mechanical spike ability to your weapon on the hallowed sword
  9. Solemn offering: this key item plays a vital role in your progress in the game as it is used to increase and also enhance the healing effects provided by the tarnished steel. You’ll get it from empowered ripostes
  10. Perfumed censer: this key item, just like the name implies, is used to unlock the perfumed censer weapon ability on the hammer and chisel. You get to locate it in the Abandoned Chamber.

knowing the key items and where to find them makes the game perfect for your progression, as you can easily navigate your way around and make the best out of these weapons and their abilities. That said, we hope reading the article above has equipped you with some bit of information. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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