Why Is My Ping So High? Can I Lower My Ping?

If you are a gamer and love to play online games then you must have faced the High Ping issue. It happens with everyone. And, we know how much frustrating it is. Games are considered a good way of relaxing and removing stress. Many play them for fun but the gamers play to win. And, there are a lot of resources needed for winning a game match or online competition. The gears, accessories, good mind, skills, and much more. Similarly, the internet connection is the most important part of it. The Internet Connection helps in providing the game to work in lag-free experience which we say is excellent ping but when the internet connection is not good then you might face the high ping issue.

But, is the Internet Connection the only reason for high-ping? It’s clearly No. There are a lot of other reasons too through which you can face the issue of the high-ping issue. So, if you are facing a high-ping issue during your gaming, then be with us till the end of the article. We will tell you the reasons for the high ping, and we will also give the solution to lower the ping. So, read the full article to know more about it.

Why Is My Ping So High? Can I Lower My Ping?

Reasons For High Ping

There are a lot of reasons through which you can face the High Ping issue. This happens on PC, Mobile, and other gaming consoles. So, we will tell you the most common reasons for the High Ping Issue, and after it, we will tell you how can you fix this issue. But, before that, check out the common reasons below.

  • Internet Speed
  • Router Signal Strength
  • Router Connectivity Issue
  • Priority of your connected device
  • Background App Updating
  • Other Background Processes which are using Internet
  • Location
  • Server Issue

So, these are the most common issue through which you can face high ping issues. Now, check how you can fix this issue.

Steps To Lower The Ping

So, if you are facing a high ping issue then it will be good for you to first analyze the issue and after it, try implementing the methods which are given below. But, before that, we will tell you about what ping is good for gaming.

Generally, if your ping is below 20 ms (milliseconds) then it will be considered an excellent ping, if it is between around 40 to 50 ms then it will be great, if it is around 80 to 120 ms then it will be considered as fairly good, and if it is 150 ms and up then it will be considered high ping. If you are seeing ping more than 250ms then you will be not able to play the game properly. The ping is very much important in competitive gaming. So, follow the methods which are given below to fix the high ping issue.

Internet Connection Speed

So, the first thing that you should check is the Internet Connection Speed. The most common reason for the high ping issue is the poor internet connection. So, try checking the internet speed. You can do this by easily searching for an Internet Speed Test.

After this, check whether the internet connection is good or not. If it is not working properly then you have to check whether this issue is from the provider end or not. Also, check whether there is bad weather or not. Also, try restarting the router to fix this issue. If the issue persists then try contacting your Internet Provider.

Check Server

Sometimes, when you are playing the game then you choose the wrong server which also causes an issue of high ping. So, make sure you are choosing the correct server. Also, while doing the Internet Speed assessment, check to which server you are connected. So, if you are connected to a poor server then you are likely to face this issue. In this case, you can try changing the server.

Signal Strength

The Signal Strength of the router also plays role in the ping issue. So, if you are sitting far from the router, then go and sit near to it. Due to walls and objects, sometimes the signal strength gets poor and you are likely to face this issue.

Router Assessment

Router assessment is one of the most important things. So, if you are facing this issue, then try checking the router whether is working properly or not. Also, update its firmware. Along with it, you can also try restarting to solve this issue. Therefore, this issue can also cause due to the wrong functioning of the router.

Your Location

The location where you are living matters because the server that is allocated is based on your location. So, if there is no server near you then you will also face this issue. So, in this case, you have to contact the Internet Provider to solve this issue so you can play the game perfectly.

Background Apps Usage

So, if you are playing games and some apps are using the internet in the background then you will face this issue. The issue will cause due to the internet distribution of the app and game. So, in this case, make sure to close all the background apps which are running.

System Updates

Make sure you have turned off the automatic system update feature because it will also lead to a high ping issue. So, ensure that your system or mobile phone is not being updated in the background.

Priority of Device

So, the Priority of the device also matters in high ping issues. So, if you are playing games on the PC then try connecting through the Ethernet Cable as its priority is higher than that of the wirelessly connected devices. And, if you are playing games on your mobile then in this scenario, you can give priority to your device through the app which is provided to you by your internet service provider or router provider. Also, disconnect the unnecessary device so that you can get a high internet speed.


So, in this guide, we have told you about the reasons through which you can face the High ping issue. Also, we have discussed the various methods through which you can try fixing this issue. I hope all the methods are clear to you and easy to implement. Also, if you have solved this issue by any other method then do share it with us in the comment section.

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