Path of Exile Best Beginner Build And Class 2024

Path of Exile is a massively multiplayer online action role-playing game (MMOARPG) that was published by Grinding Gear Games in October 2013, and it’s still one of the leading ARPGs in the market with tens of thousands of daily players on Steam. This game’s greatest strength and weakness is its intricate, sprawling, and sometimes unwieldy skill system. By allocating points to a range of passive bonuses, you can finely control a character’s damage capabilities and survival potential.

Whatever your style is, there is a build for you, whether you are a caster, warrior, or something more nuanced like a necromancer. There is still a substantial difference between the game’s approach to character-building and Diablo’s. Additionally, there is more flexibility in terms of classes. Here are some of the Path of Exile best beginner build and class for 2024.

Path of Exile Best Beginner Build And Class 2023

Path of Exile Best Beginner Build And Class 2024

So, here are some of the best builds and classes in Path of Exile for beginners:

#1. Oro’s Flicker Strike Raider

With this build, you will be using Oro’s Sacrifice to strike and cause massive fire damage before teleporting away with Flicker Strike and repeating this action until there is no more damage to be done.

In essence, the build allows tank heroes to bounce around the screen and blast mobs of enemies with overpowering skills that should be carried slowly. As a result of the combination of Flicker’s strike and Oro’s sacrifice, an extremely dangerous ability is unleashed.

Builds like this can be created by any strength-based build, so pick a maunder and level them up to be able to use powerful two-handed weapons.

#2. Tectonic Slam Chieftain

It is one of the most renowned builds in Path of Exile. Besides doing massive AoE damage, this powerhouse is also physically powerful.

Focus on leveling skill sets such as Tectonic Slam and Endurance Charges to build a tank build with a standard strength class such as the Marauder. You will, however, rely on these two main skills for the majority of your work. Although the build is excellent for killing mobs of enemies, it is difficult to fight bosses because it focuses on AoE damage.

Since Tectonic Slam and Endurance Charges aren’t designed for solo killing, they can’t be used for solo combat. Consequently, you should always create a backup plan that exploits the setup.

#3. Elemental Hit Slayer

With the Elemental Hit Slayer build, your opponents are dealt a devastating blow by elemental magic. When faced with an enemy that is overly resistant to your chosen power, you can choose to concentrate on one element if you want.

Consequently, we suggest starting with the Witch and then leveling fire, lightning, and cold to attain a well-rounded skill set. All three of them can be leveled up by leveling the same magic stats, but Elemental Hit is, without a doubt, what makes this build shine.

This will cause massive amounts of elemental damage to be poured onto enemies at random when all three elements are used in this way. Regardless of an enemy’s resistance to one element, they’re likely to be destroyed by the next. It is possible, however, to focus the ability on one particular element (e.g. Fire) by using items such a the unique jewel. This build is the most popular among those who enjoy playing Wizards in a traditional sense.

#4. Lacerate Gladiator

It uses Lacerate skill mostly to increase the likelihood of bleed damage, making it a classic Dexterity build. If you want to increase your damage output, you can also stack Lacerate with Blood and Sand.

If you feel that this build would benefit from more survivability, consider experimenting with another class like the Ranger if Dexterity is your strong point. Although the build is also suitable for the Marauder, we recommend the Duelist due to its combination of tanky and roguish styles.

#5. Detonate Dead Necromancer

Despite there being two builds on this list, the Detonate Dead Necromancer takes the cake as the best Necromancer in Path of Exile. It’s worth mentioning that, like any good Necro build, this one employs summoning minions and watching them wreak havoc at a distance- except that this time, we’re turning them into bombs.

The necromancer skill set is centered around Volatile Dead and Detonate Dead, which can be found in the classic summoner build. A volatile orb is generated when your minions are killed, and the corpses around them explode, inflicting massive damage on their enemies.

In some cases, it might be better to use each skill separately. It is possible to clear a Path of Exile map of enemies using both at the same time, but this build is staggeringly powerful.

#6. The Raider

There is no doubt that the Raider is the fastest class in the game. Regardless of who it goes through, it can go through anyone. It is best for those who like speed and have more control while defending, as well as for those who like fun. As one of the most experienced kits in the game, the Raider is the ideal choice if you love speed. It can achieve up to 200 base movements and has a very high base movement rate.

#7. Toxic Rain Pathfinder Build

Many people want to build Toxic Rain. Therefore, you will use multiple auras that provide passive defensive abilities and curse your enemies with this build. There are two toxic rains in your armor. Using toxic rain as a spell and toxic rain as a totem that you place, Ballista Totem support can shoot multiple totems that will cause toxic rain.

In addition to summoning a Mirage Archer, the spell will also summon a Mirage Archer that shoots toxic rain. In the toxic rain build, the most significant differences are the new Pathfinder ascendancy and nature surprise, which no longer grants a 30% area of effect. In comparison, this build aims to reach exactly 39%.

In most cases, the gloves grant a 9% area of effect, and the previous ascendancy would reach 39%. Now, we will specialize in bow mastery, which grants 20% area of effect, 9% glass craftsmanship, and 10% gem quality. It is usually possible to ignore the quality of toxic rain gems because they only impact large areas.

So, that’s all we have for you about Path of Exile’s best build and class for beginners. We hope that you find this article helpful. For more info, comment below and let us know.

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