How to Change Language in Raft?

This time the players of Raft are again complaining that they are unable to change the language in their game. So to help them and clear all their doubts, we have brought this guide. Let’s get started.

If you’re someone who loves those games where you will encounter oceanic missions and adventures, you would definitely like Raft. The Raft has some unique experiences for you and your friends to play.

How to Change Language in Raft?


Raft: Changing the in-game language

When the game loads, the default game language is generally German. Unlike other options such as changing game difficulty, which requires a new game, you can switch to your preferred in-game language at any point in the game.

During the gameplay, you will find some game translations on screen. However, most of the time, these translations aren’t accurate. These useless translations may drive the need to change the in-game language.

Head over to the Raft in-game settings menu. From there, select the General tab. Choose the Language setting on the top and change to your preferred language. These settings would be saved for your future logins in the game.

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