Ranking The Best Star Powers For Each Brawler – Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has been growing pretty well ever since its release. Brawl Stars is Supercell’s other major title released after Clash of Clans debuted. For the most part, Brawl Stars is somewhat similar to Clash of Clans but other elements make the game different. This game revolves around Brawlers, the in-game character you and your friends choose to fight with.

In this guide today, we’ll be taking you through a ranking system. Testing out each brawler and deciding the best star power for each is a hurdle. That is why we’ve cooked up this guide that’ll give you a result based on our experiment. You can refer to the table below, where we’ve ranked each Brawler and their Star Powers. So without any further ado, let’s dive further into ranking the best Star Powers for each Brawler in Brawl Stars.

Ranking The Best Star Powers For Each Brawler - Brawl Stars

Ranking The Best Star Powers For Each Brawler – Brawl Stars

We’ve compiled the list of Brawler in Brawl Stars into a table below. This table shows you the ranking of each Brawler in the game and their best Star Powers. Each of the brawlers given below in the table contains two Star Powers that players can choose between. Our focus is to narrow down the choice into one – the best among two. Personal opinion pretty much matters here so we advise you to alter the options according to your playing style.



Star Power


1. Shelly Shell Shock Slows down enemies for 3.0 second
2. Nita Hyper Bear Nita’s bear attacks faster as the time between swipes is reduced by 60%
3. Colt Magnum Special His attack range and bullet speed increases by 11%
4. Bull Tough Guy When Bull’s health is below 40%, he’ll acquire a shield that reduces the damage he takes by 30%
5. Jessie Energize Repairs her gun turret for 800 of it missing health by swapping it with her attack
6. Brock Incendiary Enemies in the area of Brock’s attack takes 600 damage as it sets the ground on fire. It lasts for 2 seconds
7. Dynamike Demolition Deals extra 1000 damage to his Super
8. Bo Snare a Bear Bo’s trap stuns the enemy for 2 seconds
9. Tick Well Oiled If Tick take no damage and does no attacks, he’ll start recovering health 2 seconds faster than normal
10. Emz Hype She’ll recover 320 health per second for each enemy inside her Super’s area of effect
11. El Primo Meteor Rush He gains 25% speed boost for 4 seconds after using his Super
12. Barley Medical Use She regains 400 health from each attack
13. Poco Da Capo! If Poco’s attacks hot friendly brawlers, they’ll heal for 700 health
14. Rosa Plant Life She’ll gain 200 health per second when inside a bush
15. Rico Robo Retreat If Rico is below 40% health, he’ll run 34% faster
16. Darryl Steel Hoops Darryl’s super reinforces his barrel, reducing all damage he takes by 90% for 0.9 second
17. Penny Balls of Fire Cannonballs from Penny’s turret will set the ground on fire for 3 seconds. Enemies in this area will take 400 damage per second
18. Carl Protective Pirouette During his Super, all damage he receives is reduced by 30%
19. Jacky Hardy Hard Hat Protects her by reducing the damage she takes by 15%
20. Piper Ambush Her attacks deal an extra 800 damage at max range when hidden in a bush
21. Pam Mama’s Hug Whenever she hits enemies with Scrapstorm, she and the nearby friendly brawlers heal for 40 health
22. Frank Sponge He’ll get extra 1100 health
23. Bibi Home Run Her movement speed increases by 12% when her home run bar is fully charged
24. Bea Insta Beeload Instantly supercharge Bea’s big sting one time if she misses a supercharged shot
25. Mortis Coiled Snake His dash range increases by 75% when the dash bar is fully charged
26. Gene Magic Puffs Gene will heal all friendly brawler around him for 400 health per second
27. Max Run n’ Gun Max will reload faster while moving
28. Mr.P Handle With Care His suitcases will bounce and burst even if they don’t hit a target
29. Sprout OVERGROWTH Seed bombs that don’t make contact with enemies will explode with a larger explosion radius
30. Spike Curveball Spikes from the cactus grenade fly in a circular motion
31. Crow Carrion Crow Crow will deal extra 120 damage to those enemies with 50% or less health
32. Leon Invisiheal Leon recovers 1000 health per second while his super is active


Summing up our guide, you’ll see the ranked list of Brawler and their best Star Powers compiled into the table shown above. While these are all based on experiment, it is better to follow your personal opinion. The given info might be wrong for some players depending on what strategy they use. Playing style is an important thing in Brawl Stars, hence, we suggest that you test them out on your own to see which one actually fits you. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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