Realme X7 (India) Software Update | RMX3092_11_F.09

Are you a Realme X7 (India) user and looking for the update list or want to install stock firmware? If yes, then check out the full guide below along with the Realme X7 Software Update Tracker.

Now, if you’re using this handset and haven’t received the OTA update yet due to some reason, you can check the update details below. Meanwhile, some of the users look for the official stock firmware for the device model in order to flash it. In both cases, the software update tracker list will come in handy. So, let’s take a quick look at the device overview below and then jump into the update tracker.

Realme X7 (India) Software Update

Realme X7 Software Update Tracker

Here we have mentioned all the latest software update details with changelogs for the  Realme X7 model. We will keep updating the tracker whenever a new update release for this model.

Software Version Changelog



• Integrates the November and December 2022 Android security patches.


• Improves system stability and performance.




• Integrates the April 2022 Android security patches.


• Improves system performance and stability.

Integrates the April 2022 Android security patches.







  • Security
    • Update Android security patch (2021#9/2021#8)


  • Camera
    • Optimize camera performance
    • Fix the problem of low probability of camera freezing in special scenes
  • Call
    • Fix the problem that the power button cannot be hung up in a low probability when the power button is used during a call
  • System
    • Fix the problem that the screen cannot be turned on by pressing the power button in a low probability under special scenes
  • Game space
    • Fix the problem that the sidebar of the low-probability game space does not disappear after the game is exited
  • Status Bar
    • Fix the problem that the status bar cannot be pulled out with a low probability of sliding in the game of Honor of Kings
  • Charge
    • Fix the problem that low probability charging cannot enter the flash charging state in special scenarios
  • Security
    • Update Android security patch (2021#7/2021#8)
  • System
    • Optimized system performance, improve system’s stability
  • Application
    • Fixed probabilistic video playing lagging issue when using zee5 applications
  • Status bar
    • Fixed probabilistic not the inversing color of icons in status bar issue in a particular scenario

Check Software Update


Before updating the software, please make sure that your phone has charged at least 50% to avoid the occasional shutdowns. Take a full backup before upgrading or downgrading your phone software for data safety as well. In order to download the OTA file, you should be on a stable Wi-Fi connection to enjoy an uninterrupted software download.

Before going to the manual firmware upgrade process, if you feel that your device isn’t receiving the OTA update notification for a while, then you can check for the software update manually. In order to do this:

Go to the device Settings > System updates. It will search for the software update and you will get notified if a new update is available on your device. Simply grab the firmware version by downloading and installing it.

Additionally, it’s recommended to maintain the phone charge at least up to 50%-60% and connect your device to Wi-Fi for a faster and stable download.

Follow our guide on how to install Realme Firmware on any Realme device.

We’re at GetDroidTips won’t be responsible for any kind of damage/error occurs to your device while/after following the guide or flashing any file. Proceed at your own risk

Now, let’s assume that you’ve successfully upgraded your Realme 8 Pro device to the latest software version. Facing any issue with the software update guide? Comment below.

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