How To Record Calls on Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone 1 that we are eagerly waiting for since 2020 as this is the company’s first smartphone. The device features a unique transparent design and Qualcomm Snapdragon 778+ processor. However, there are many unique features in this new generation smartphone. But, the one that everyone mostly likes about this smartphone is its back panel.

It also has come out of the box with Android 12, which is one of the most prominent features, but the one thing that users think that this smartphone doesn’t have is call recording, but that’s not true as it has a dedicated built-in call recorder. Well, the fact is not everyone knows how to enable this feature on their Nothing Phone 1. That’s why we are here with this article. Here we will explain the different methods that you can use to record calls in Nothing Phone 1. So, let’s get started:

How To Record Calls on Nothing Phone 1

How To Record Calls on Nothing Phone 1

There are two methods using which you can easily record the calls on Nothing Phone 1. The first method is to use the in-built feature and second one is to use any third-party application to record calls on Nothing Phone 1.

Method 1: Use A Third-Party Application

You can initially, if didn’t find the option to record calls on your Nothing Phone 1 and don’t have any technical knowledge about how to enable this feature, then we advise you to use a third-party call recorder software that you can easily find on Google Playstore. You can simply open the store and download any call recording application. Then, setup the app and try recording any call that you want to record.

Method 2: Use The Built-In Feature of Call Recording

So, if you don’t want to use a third-party software to record calls on your Nothing Phone 1, then the best option is to enable the in-built feature of call recording. However, to do so, you must use these steps:

  1. First go to the call button and tap on the three vertical dots button.
  2. Then, tap on the Settings.
  3. Now, go to the Call Recording.
  4. Then, toggle the button located next to Numbers not in your contacts. This will allow your device automatically record the calls for the numbers that is not saved on your device.
  5. However, if you want to record calls automatically for some selected numbers, than tap on the Selected Numbers.
  6. Then, toggle the button to on position and choose contact for which you want to record the calls. You can also stop call recording calls wheverever you want while you are in the call by just tapping on the Stop Recording.

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That’s it. So, these were some methods using which you can easily record calls on Nothing Phone 1. We hope that you find this guide helpful. But, in case you still have any doubt, comment below and let us know.


  1. hi,
    how can i listen to a call recording for 03 Jan calls, my phone is only showing call history till 04 Jan and nothing before that.
    In the settings the Delete call recording is set to never.
    Can you guide me to the folder in which the recording is saved.

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