Resident Evil 4 Console Commands and Cheat Codes

A 2023 survival horror game called Resident Evil 4 Remake was developed and released by Capcom. There are a lot of difficult battles and dangerous opponents in the game. You might be wondering if any cheats or console commands could help you if you are having problems fighting the hordes of Ganado or the terrifying Regeneradores.

If you are looking for the cheats and console commands, then don’t worry because we are here with a guide that will help you. In this guide, we will discuss the console commands and cheat codes of Resident Evil 4 Remake. So, complete the full guide to know about them. Now, without wasting any time, let’s check out the guide.

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What Are The Console Commands and Cheat Codes of Resident Evil 4?

A few mods work well as stand-ins for Resident Evil 4 Remake console commands and cheat if you truly want to make things a little simpler or more enjoyable. One of them has health bars that show you your enemies’ current health in real time.

There are numerous times when you’re fighting multiple opponents, and keeping track of those you’ve partially filled with lead is not always easy. So, this is one cheat-like option that will help you to become a more effective murderer.

Also, the Deadly Headshots mod, which draws some inspiration from vintage zombie films, enables you to quickly dispatch opponents with accurate headshots.

Another hack allows you to toggle noclip, which lets you fly and pass through objects, and teleport to particular locations in the game.

On the main menu screen, enter the following commands while highlighting the Main Game option to activate Mad Chainsaw Mode:

  • On Play station 4 or Play Station 5 – up, left, down, right, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, X (while holding L1 and R1)
  • On Xbox Series X/S – up, left, down, right, X, Y, B, A, A (while holding LB and RB)
  • On the PC – W, A, S, D, R, I, E, F (while holding Shift and Space)

If you want to get Assignment Ada Costume on your character, you will have to press Hold, +, and A.

Now, if you want to get Leon with Jacket on your character, you will have to press Hold, 1, and A.

In order to get Leon with a suit on your character, you will have to press Hold, +, 1, and A.

After that, if you want to get Leon’s R.P.D. uniform on your character, you will have to press Hold, +, and A.

If you want to get Separate Ways costume on your character, you will have to press Hold, 1, and A.


This was all for the guide on what are the cheats and console commands for Resident Evil 4. We hope that with this guide, you were able to know about them. If we have missed any, then do let us know in the comments section below. We will surely update the article.

Now, if you have any queries or any questions, then feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. So that, we can help you in solving them by providing you with a guide on it.

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