Ring Doorbell Overexposed, How to Fix it?

Ring doorbells are mostly recognized for their multiple safety features, quality of operation, and excellent support for many home automation brands. In addition, Ring Doorbells provide an extra security layer for your home and neighborhood alerts as well. Anyway, like any security camera lens, Ring doorbell’s live streams are subjected to overexposure.

However, to purchase a security product, we must first consider the video quality of the camera. We need to see everything clearly through the camera without any hitch. But several Ring doorbell users complain the live stream is overexposed, and they can’t see anything a little further away from the video doorbell. If the Ring doorbell is overexposed in your case, you can follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the overexposure issue.

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Ring Doorbell Overexposed, How to Fix it?

Solution 1: Check Configuration:

A first resort to resolve the Ring doorbell overexposure issue is to look at the device configurations from the mobile app. Ensure unnecessary features are not enabled, and you are in the Ring recommended Settings. Now you should monitor the live stream on your device, and the issue persists, you need to go to the HDR feature( turned off by default) and turn on the same feature. Hereafter you will be able to see everything clearly. 

To turn on the HDR feature, follow the steps given below;

  • Firstly, click on the three horizontal lines from the top left corner of the screen.
  • Then choose Devices and click on the Ring Doorbell option.
  • Now select Device Settings and then Video Settings, then turn on the HDR function.


This HDR feature is available in the latest version of Ring Doorbell. If you are using the first generation of Ring Doorbell, you will not find this feature. So, we recommend that you buy the latest version Ring doorbell to get better video quality.

Solution 2: Change Camera Angle:

In most cases, this overexposure problem can resolve by adjusting your Ring doorbell’s camera angle. You can open up the live stream on your smartphone and adjust the camera angle. Even the smallest adjustment in the camera angle could easily resolve the Ring doorbells overexposure issue. You can entrust the included kit, which helps you in changing the camera angle. 

 As well as, you can rely on several guides available online to find a perfect way to adjust the camera angle for your security doorbell.

Solution 3: Change Door Location:

In case the above two solutions fail to resolve the Ring doorbell overexposure issue in your case, then you need to change the location of your doorbell. To change the location of your doorbell, you can contact ring support to help you, and they will guide you about the best place to install your video doorbell.

The Ring doorbell overexposure is usually occurring as a result of location, and resolving the overexposure issue is an easy task. You simply need to move or alter the camera angle, change the location of the doorbell and Settings on your device. 

We hope that the above information in this article is helpful to you. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down a comment in the below comment box. 

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