Samsung Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013F, A013G Test Point / ISP EMMC PinOUT

In this guide, we will show you the real image of the ISP pinout and test point for the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013F / A013G. By using the ISP PinOUT, you can easily restore the stock ROM, bypass FRP lock, or reset user data on your device via UFi Box.

What is ISP PinOUT?

ISP or In-system programming also known as in-circuit serial programming (ICSP) for hardware that has a cross-reference of pins or contacts. By shorting the pins together, you can power or signal the logic board (motherboard) of an electronic device such as a mobile, computer. You will find the IS Pinout connection on the logic board of your device. Therefore, you will need to remove the back panel of the handset and follow the below image to locate the pinout.

Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013F / A013G ISP Pinout Image:

A01 Core Test Point

How to Use UFS Pinout using Easy JTag

  • Download the Easy Jtag
  • Find the PinOUT/Test Point on your device (refer to image above to find the test point)
  • follow the software guideline.

How to Use UFS Pinout using Hydra Mediatek Tool

I hope this guide was helpful to find the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013F / A013G ISP Testpoints.

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