How To Fix Samsung Internet Browser Download Issue?

In today’s world, the internet is the source of entertainment, knowledge, and everything else required for a person to live happily! Isn’t it? During browsing several contents available across the web, we feel to download them. But what if the download fails miserably or the browser stops responding? And guess what, you have a Samsung device in your hands. If that’s the case, we have brought this post for you. As today we are going to discuss the issues which the Samsung Browser users are currently facing with downloads.

What is the issue with Samsung Internet Browser?

Some users have reported that whenever they click on the download button on any online content, the download starts. But the download pauses instantly. And when trying to resume, the browser sends a note that it isn’t responding. This issue keeps causing frequent download error in the Samsung Browser whenever the users start a download. However, some users also reported that while downloading anything, if they minimize the browser or mistakenly click on the exit button, the download again pauses. And when tried to restart, the browser freezes.

The issues reported by users are from Samsung devices. They also said that they tried switching their devices and again download the Samsung browser in their other devices too, but still, the problem persists. After knowing all this, we had to come up with the solution to this, and so this is what we have for you in the store. So let get going.

How To Fix Samsung Internet Browser Download Issue?

Possible Fixes for Samsung Internet Browser

After knowing the problems, the users are facing. We understood that it’s quite annoying when this happens frequently. And for the people whose download stops when minimizing, it must be understood that with a smartphone, no one can continuously open the browser in the foreground, without doing other work. So here are the possible fixes that you must try in order to bring back your browser to normal.

1. Rename the download folder

This might be a tiny issue, but believe us, some users have mistakenly changed the name of a folder to “Downloads,” and they are unable to download anything. This happens since there is a default folder named “Downloads,” and if the name changes, there is a contradiction issue that happens with the browser. So first things come first if you have kept any folder’s name as Downloads go ahead and change it. It may solve your problem.

2. Pull out the Memory Card

Sometimes, memory cards can cause significant issues during downloads. Check if the Samsung Internet Browser’s download is set to the memory card. If that’s the case, go ahead and remove it. Now try downloading again. If no issue occurs, there might be some problem with the memory card. We recommend using brand-specific memory cards as they have great read and write speed, which never causes any issue. If the issue still exists, we have many more solutions waiting for you.

3. Check Storage Space

If the download stops instantly, you must go to the storage manager and check for available free storage. If the storage is full or near to full, then files might not get download because the estimated storage sense is full according to the operating system. When we checked with users, many of them didn’t know that they were running out of storage. So this can be a problem if there is limited storage space available on your smartphone.

4. Check Download Path

Try checking the download path in the Samsung Internet Browser. If the path is switched to the memory card, change it to internal or just reciprocate. You can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Samsung Internet Browser
  2. Tap on the three lines at the bottom of the browser.
  3. Click on settings.
  4. Now click on “Sites and Downloads.”
  5. Then tap “save downloaded files to” and change the location.

Now you have successfully changed the download path. Go ahead and try to download something. This might solve your issue.

5. Force Stop the Application

If the above methods haven’t helped you, this method surely will. So to perform a force start, keep the Samsung browser icon pressed for 3 seconds, then a pop up appears. From the pop-up menu, select App info. Later in the App info, click on Force Stop. Force stopping the application will result in closing the application being run in the foreground and background. Further, it can also help you with the problem of downloading.

6. Clear Cache Memory

The cache memory of applications is used to open up the application faster. But due to some corrupt cache memory files, download and much more error might occur. To clear cache memory, keep the Samsung Browser icon pressed for 3 seconds, then click on App info, after that click on Clear Cache. This can solve many problems, including device heating and download problems.

7. Uninstall and Reinstall Samsung Browser

If the above solutions have not worked for you. Then you need to uninstall the Samsung Internet Browser and then perform a fresh install from the Google play store. This solution works most of the time with these types of problems.

8. Updating the Application

If you are experiencing download problems and have not updated your Samsung Internet for a long time. Maybe, its time to upgrade. This is because the older versions of Softwares have some bugs which are removed in the newer versions. So this might solve your issues regarding downloads.

9. Restart the Device

When all the options fail, this mighty solution comes in handy. Restarting the device solves most of the problems starting from battery issues to even software optimization issues. Sometimes a perfect restart is all you need to get going.

10. Factory Reset

If all the above options have failed for you and there’s nothing left. Go on with factory reset. This thing literally solves each and every issue on the mobile device, be it heating or any lagging. The factory reset is the answer to all the problems that are being experienced.

Samsung Internet Browser Download issue

Above in this article, we have discussed all the issues that the user can have, and we have given a proper solution to all the questions.  Furthermore, if you’re satisfied with the answers, then it’s great. Also, if you are kind of experiencing any problems, then try downloading a download manager application from the play store. This application can double up your joy because then you won’t have to get troubled any other time as there is a separate downloader already present in your smartphone.

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